Spring has sprung?

It’s Spring break here in Oregon.  And amazingly enough there have been some days that actually felt like spring.  Madness!

Our yard is producing some gorgeous stuff
Plus, I have seeds sprouting!
Seeds make me nervous, because you have to wait to see if they’re going to show up after you plant them.  I am not good at waiting.  But I also have some indoor seeds sprouting!  Yay for not killing things.  (the picture is peas)

In addition to spring in the yard, we’ve had spring cookies
I adore Beaverton Bakery’s cookies, because they frost with CHOCOLATE.  no screwing around here.  Chocolate.

There’s been actual food in our house too of course.

We had polenta with sausage and tomatoes
Plus spinach on the side.  The fiance will now eat spinach raw AND cooked.  It makes my life better.  Except when we’re almost out and I have to share.

We had sweet and sour meatballs

The frozen meatballs at costco?  They are one of the best things ever.  Just don’t read the nutrition information.  Trust me, don’t.
Speaking of Costco, the fiance had a Dr appointment on Wednesday, so he worked from home, and guess what we had for lunch

Buck fifty sausage and soda.  Can’t beat it.
And we used more of the polenta for dinner last night

Creamed chicken + polenta = heaven.
Fatty heaven.

Which really, is the best sort of heaven.

Is it Spring where you live yet?


15 responses to “Spring has sprung?

  1. Hey chica! Have I mentioned how amazing you are??? your support has been so great! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

    Those flowers are so beautiful but damn those cookies look GOOD!

  2. It was snowing this mornign. Where is my spring?
    Chocolate frosting is sooooo my style

  3. Those flowers are amazing! I thought they were fake at first.

  4. Yep, it’s spring in my land- we are going to be planting stuff in our yard this weekend. I love the cookies- I wish I had one now! Nothing new!

  5. Those Spring cookies are so fun!!!!! I am going to bake some cookies and decorate them for my students this week 🙂

    It is not quite feeling like Spring yet where I live, but next week is looking like it will be good!!

  6. Those can not be your flowers! Geez great job! And frosting with chocolate? I feel like an idiot..I’ve never had that! And congrats on the fiance loving spinach now! Send me a hotdog!

  7. I love those spring cookies — they are so cute and I am sure they are amazingly tasteful. It is almost spring around here. This morning, I went for my first outside run since the fall. It was a little cold but I know the warmer weather is headed my way 🙂

  8. It’s like 75 degrees here now. PERFECT weather. Gosh I love spring in LA.
    Those spring cookies are damn adorable!!!

  9. Those flowers grew in your yard? The colors are great! Do I spy a full sail glass in the background?

    MMM costco lunch. LOVE! Especially on weekends with free samples. MMM.

    (Ignore the twobooswhoeat wordpress. I’m slowly trying to switch over! and am too lazy to comment with the blogger blah)

  10. YAY for spring!
    And how cute are those cookies?!
    Just fell in love!
    Have a terrific week, girlie!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  11. Beer and cookies, right? 🙂

    Spring time is wonderful in Colorado, as one day you can get dumped on and have high winds, the next day you will have an absolutely gorgeous day. Keeps us on our toes!!!

  12. Yay, I love seeing gardens growing!

  13. i agree with you about the seeds – i just planted spinach and tomato and green bean seeds – the hardest part is if you have to transplant them. i got seed soil this time and am hoping it helps

  14. definitely added you to my reader 🙂 i want to make that roasted chicken recipe you posted a few posts back!

  15. Your garden looks like it’s off to a great start! We are still waiting on our seeds to sprout.

    The cookies look like heaven. And the polenta looks delicious!

    Glad to hear that spring has finally sprung in Portland.

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