Green Juice

Green juice is good for you.

In our house, we use a locally grown green superfood for our green juice


Hops aren’t a superfood?


They are local-most of the hops in the US are grown in Oregon and Washington.  Local food is healthy.  Right?

In college we called beer “hop juice”.

This might have been because juice is something you have for breakfast.  Which made hope juice breakfast food.

Sometimes I wonder how on earth I finished college.

It’s my Spring Break right now, so we started out our weekend with some juice
And on Saturday for breakfast we made good use of St Patrick’s leftovers

Corned beef hash = love.  Unless you’re my arteries.  I think they would use words besides love.
Then we worked in the yard and went to home depot.

Yeah, I’m old.

We got Subway on the way home.  I got a kids meal.
It’s my way of combating my middle aged status.  Or something.

And with our meal?

Hop juice!

After some more basket ball, and more yardwork, we were lazzzzy.

Takeout.  And more juice.
Post dinner, we went downstairs, and, well, this is what got polished off
But really, there was sunshine + march madness.  Those equal an awesome excuse to drink like you’re still in college.

Also, my alma mater’s need to suck in the tournament EVERY YEAR calls for drinking.

Jesus, I just realized I graduated college FOUR years ago.  I am OLD friends.  OLD.

Do you watch any of the tournament?   I just watch Gonzaga and tell them they’re going to choke.  Again.  I’m right, every year.


12 responses to “Green Juice

  1. Juice? I want that kind of juice for breakfast!

  2. hahaha I love your juice! I need to drive down there for a weekend and hang out with you guys…Subways AND Home depot?!?! My kind of Weekend! lol

  3. Haha, you are hilarious. Always a pleasure reading your posts…it’s refreshing!

  4. Ahahahahah hops!!! Love it!!

    I don’t think I have ever had corned beef … that I can remember!!

  5. beer for breakfast? Yes please! Hops are totally a superfood. Totally!

  6. how did you finish college with a masters?

    youre not that old…..because if youre really old then im really old too. not cool.

  7. Hahhaahaha. I enjoy that you enjoy drinking with your man. Basketball, beer, boyfriend, and blimpies. Your post was full of bs….bs not b.s…I swear!

  8. That’s the green I’ve been missing. How could I have been so blind? And once you add the lemon, it’s got vitamin C. You are a health pioneer!

  9. i wanna party with you. i need to move to the land of hop juice
    i want to go to there!

  10. Ah, yes. I understand beer is green juice. Vodka can then also be considered juice, or at least whole wheat, right?

    Looks like a fun weekend! I want it to be the weekend again soon!

  11. Yum – gotta love Subway!
    Great post, girl!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  12. HOP JUICE! 🙂 hahah love that!!

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