Help a Sista Out…

hey y’all!

real post tomorrow.

but tonight, a favor…

i don’t process information well from a screen.  which means if i try to updated my blogroll on the side of this, i honestly cannot see what i’m missing.

which consequently means i avoid updating it.

so, if we’re blogger buddies and you’re missing, or the link is outdated wanna leave a comment and let me know?   thanks!


8 responses to “Help a Sista Out…

  1. Your link to me works. What more do you need? 🙂 I KEEEEED.

  2. I don’t see me 😦

    Though what am I saying? I never update my blogroll!

  3. My link works!

  4. My link works! =)

  5. I’m not there-!

  6. Um, you need my link to be the first on the list. THANKSSSS.

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