How was your St Patrick’s Day?  Mine involved some things that were Irish, like this


And things that were more Irish-ish, like this


The car bomb cupcakes!  I used this as a basis, only I did a boxed mix for the cake.  Sometimes, it’s ok to be lazy.  (boxed mix, you follow directions except sub in Guinness for the water… simple!)

Some of our meal was true Irish food, like this:


(That would be Calcannon, which is mashed potatoes and cabbage.  The fiance told me he’d eat cabbage if it was hidden in something, and it was true-he loved this!  I added a little bacon too.  No one can say no to bacon)

We had some sides that were more… ish.


Neither of us are the biggest soda bread fans, so I just did a rustic-ish loaf of yeast bread and called it good.

The whole meal:


Carrots and colcannon?  Irish.  corned beef?  Ish.



Car bomb CAKE.  There’s a layer of whiskey ganache in the middle.  Delicious.



Possibly the best use of the magic bullet yet!

Please note-there was no green beer.  Because that sounds gross.

Although I guess my mama added food coloring to white wine.  That I might be able to get behind…

12 responses to “Ish

  1. I want that car bomb cake. You shoulda dyed the Baileys mix green. I can’t handle that shiz. I threw up green vodka for days in 2002.

  2. What the heck why didn’t I come over for St. Patricks Day?? That would have totally improved my mood!

  3. maybe you can go through the killer foods list and see which you can hide inside another food and make him eat it 🙂

    green beer does sound gross. even grosser is green river.

  4. Howdya make that little shamrock on your cake? You are so talented! I’d love to see what you could do with a hunk of clay. 😉

  5. I’m digging the sound of whiskey ganache

  6. I am seriously coming to your house next year!

  7. car bomb cupcakes?!?! holy moly thsoe look good!

  8. That food all looks so good! I want one of those cupcakes!!!!! Or I could just eat the filling 🙂

  9. WOW – Irish cupcakes?
    Have a great weekend, girlie 😉

  10. I want those calcannon. I’m seeing it in like every blog. How did I not even know what they were before?

  11. HOLY f*ck. I’ve only heard of those car bomb cupcakes…it sounds odd but yet…I want to get drunk off them…carbs+sweets+alcohol=fun and 911. BTW your meal looks so darn “home cooked” delish

  12. livelaughloveandrun

    Wow, all I did was wear green! The cupcakes look fabulous. How do they taste?

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