Make this

Right now.  Go make this
Roast chicken with garbanzo beans, tomatoes, and smoked paprika.

It’s got a nice subtle smokiness from the paprika, the yogurt sauce adds some tang…. There’s nothing not to love in this.  We did it with couscous and sauted spinach.  Mouthgasm.

Your head will explode.  Explode.  It’s that good.  And super easy.

And it’s pretty colored too!
The only thing it calls for you might not have hanging out?
Smoked paprika.  Which they sell at Costco for cheap as free.

And since it’s from Costco, it’s enough to make a lifetime supply of this.

Trust me, you won’t mind.

(And, if you’re me, you will be out of tomatoes, and try to go buy them at the closest grocery store.  Which is a co-op that charges you six dollars for a tiny thing of them.  Suck it up and pay-it’s totally worth it)

You can leave out the chicken and it’s still delicious.  So delicious I had it for breakfast(the fiance took the meat for his lunch)
I am honestly sad that we’re not having it again tonight.

The only thing curing the pain?
Irish car bomb cupcakes.  Guinness in the cake, a whiskey ganache filling, and Bailey’s frosting.

How are you celebrating St Patrick’s Day?


15 responses to “Make this

  1. I love smoked paprika! It is by far my favorite spice!

  2. I’m not celebrating as hard as you must be with those cupcakes–yum!

  3. I made soda bread…and I wore a green shirt. That’s pretty much it. We’re just not the green beer type.

  4. Certainly not as much as you are! Those cupcakes look crazy good!

  5. Um can I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with you? I would totally love to eat those cupcakes. Stuff my face with them actually!

  6. I just got drunk from LOOKING at your cupcakes. and holy f*ck. that chicken dish does look good. I can’t believe you ate it for breakfast..that means it has to be good…or wait..were you drunk again?

  7. OMG I wont those cupcakes and that meal!

    Next St. Patty’s Day, I am going to your house!


    (and mommy bought white wine, so she could dye it green! lol)

  9. You and I should go halvsies on all our Costco spices. Have you had their cinnamon? To Die For!

  10. mmm that dish looks so good…and cupcakes to top it all off!? delish.

    I really did not do anything to celebrate st patties day!! Ohhhh well.

  11. Did you need my address again? I know I didn’t get any of those cupcakes yet. 🙂 Just kidding. Your dinner looks amazing. I’ll be picking up some smoked paprika asap. You know, because it’s the one spice I don’t have. I do manage to keep brown mustard seed like it’s going out of style though.

  12. Good God that was some major food porn–maybe I should wait to read your blog in the evenings!! Just kidding 🙂

    Your dinner looks great. Will have to give that recipe a go. My husband puts smoked paprika on his popcorn for some flava. It’s delicious.

    Your cupcakes look fantastic, too!

  13. Holy YUM – everything looks fantastic!
    Have a great Friday, girl!

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