Pie? Oh my!

Sunday morning after breakfast
(Bob’s Red Mill mix Whole grain waffles with raspberry POM sauce-yum!)

I figured out it was Pi day (3/14…)

Sad I’d missed a chance to eat pie for breakfast (it’s fruit and grains, just like my waffle!) I racked my brain figuring out what sort of pies our day should involve.

This is complicated by the fact that the fiance is quite sure he doesn’t like most pie.  (Pumpkin?  Nope.  Apple?  Heck no.  He’ll do blackberry if I make it, marionberry, and chocolate pudding.)

For dinner we did some Shepherd’s Pie
(It is not photogenic.  And remember, I’m blogging with my cell phone these days) I put cheese on top and set the oven to broil for the last few minutes-wow!  Crispy cheese is pretty much the best.
And, in an act of laziness I made a mini chocolate pudding pie, with pat in pan pastry (ingredients mixed up in the pan, using oil instead of butter)
It was tasty!  I love the saltiness you get from pastry against the pudding.

After the lazy pie (the crust took all of like 2 minutes to make, and the pudding filling was instant stuff) I was in the mood for some real cooking.  Browsing Pioneer Woman I saw a recipe for homemade refried beans.

I promptly ignored the directions, and made up my own version.
Immersion blenders are amazing!  And guys these were SO GOOD.  The fiance and I were both snagging bites straight from the bowl.  It was just cooked beans (I store red beans and pintos together, so it was both of them), garlic, a touch of smoked paprika, chili powder, cumin and salt.  SO GOOD.

They were my favorite part of dinner.

What random things do you make from scratch?


11 responses to “Pie? Oh my!

  1. I’ve never had sherpherds pie…I’m so deprived!

  2. I always make the beans on my blog from scratch ( I never buy canned) unless it’s Amy’s refried beans! lol

    and btw how have YOU never had a piña colada? that is nuts

  3. There are not too many things I make from scratch. I suppose salads? I do make stuffed peppers. Does that count?

    You certainly did pi(e) day right!

  4. OMG your waffle looks restaurant quality!

    and what a good blogger you are for honoring Pi day… i totally missed the boat on that one.

    I make tomato sauce from scratch… only because i am very picky about the jarrred stuff… i will only eat classico’s sweet basil marinara

  5. Uh, I only make pie and cookies from scratch?

    I bet the Fiance was all geeked up for Pi day.

  6. I need to try this Pom syrup! I’m definitely bookmarking the post where you made it.
    And pie crusts from scratch I would never do, but apparently my grandmother does! I never would have guessed, either

  7. I’ve never tried making refried beans from scratch. I want to try those…I’ve also never used dried beans…only canned.

    All of the pies look delicious! i want one now…I will pretty much eat any kind of pie.

  8. I just found out yesterday that Sunday was pi day … I wish I would have known sooner because we are working with pi in my grade 8 classroom right now!

  9. Breads, pudding, pizza, mac & cheese…I make 90% of my food from scratch, which the average person would probably consider weird. Of course I also eat a lot of things that the average person would consider weird whether they’re homemade or not (manju, curries, rice balls, spinach smoothies….) so I adjusted to being an oddball years ago 😀

  10. HOLY I LOVE EVERYTHING. FYI if i move to portland I’ll eat pie with you. SERIOUSLY. I never “wing” any thing so you are number one in my book. sweet and salty is DAH best.

  11. oh crap! Now it’s 3/17 and Pi day is all gone. But I won’t let that stop me. They’ll be a Pie-fest coming to my Food Trap real soon. Uh huh.

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