He’s a keeper

I’m done with my week of teaching!  I’ll be back to that school in a few weeks to do a full week for another teacher though… they’re going to be sick of me!  🙂

The school is kinda on the edge of downtown, and street parking has a 2 hour limit.  So teachers park “hobo style” (I was told that when I asked where to park when I started) under a bridge, down the street from the school.
Sometimes, there are people sleeping on the grass.  Makes life more exciting.

God did not want me to have a smoothie today (we were out of milk, barely had any yogurt, almost out of spinach, out of protein powder… )

But I won.
POM (which makes delicious smoothies!), frozen raspberries (grown by my parents!), the last of the yogurt, spinach, flax, chia seeds, ice.

And, um.

Coffee creamer.

Whatever, it tasted good.  (And my creamer has a whole 4 ingredients so it’s not the crazy chemical stuff)

Last night for dinner, the fiance cooked!

When we first started dating he made me dinner.  He cooked up some ground turkey and added a packet of taco seasoning.  And put it on a pita.  When I stared he added salsa.  No veggies, no sides.  Just a pita full of taco meat.

(He still maintains that was an excellent dinner)

He feels bad that I do all the cooking though (he does the dishes, so I’m more than ok with cooking-I hate dishes!) , and wanted to make dinner at some point.  I introduced him to a friend of lazy cooking
I adore the crockpot.  And it’s hard to screw things up, or burn them.

He browsed through the crockpot blog and decided on Pesto Chicken with Sweet Potatoes

And because I have to make something I made us salad
(If you add some fresh squeezed lemon to a caeser dressing it’s way tastier, and less oily and fatty. win win)
It was yummy!
And he STILL did the dishes
He’s a keeper!

And I thanked him by making milkshakes for bed dinner!
(That one’s mine-it’s vanilla ice cream with POM instead of milk… So good!  Also, if you look carefully, it’s all stuck up top cause I made it thick-it’s not nearly enough to fill the mug.

Do you use a crockpot?


11 responses to “He’s a keeper

  1. A milkshake? You’re both keepers!

  2. I get creative with my smoothies too. Makes life so much more fun. Pom is in the best in smoothies.

    I love my crockpot. I made shredded pork, beef or chicken in it all the time. So easy!

  3. I used to use the crockpot, but I have a really old one that’s just a big porcelain pot with heating coils around it. No removable bowl. So it is a MAJOR pain to clean. So I don’t anymore…crockpots are for big meals anyway, and I’m the only one who would eat what I make in it. I’m not a leftovers-for-five-days kind of person.

  4. dinners dont need veggies or sides!

  5. That is an excellent division of labor. I wish I could convince Trent to do all the dishes… 😉

  6. Bed dinner? Is that what they’re calling it these days? 😉

  7. Coffee creamer!! Haha – awesome!

    Yeah, we use a Crockpot a lot. We only started using it this past year, even though we have had it for about 5 years.

  8. Aw! He is a keeper. I don’t have a crockpot. It’s a good idea, but I still maintain a crazy cooking schedule because it relaxes me!

  9. Hahahahaha, definetely a keeper!
    Enjoy your weekend, girl!

  10. Glad you got your smoothie… and I love to see a guy in the kitchen!:)

  11. adorable..and the thicker the milkshake the betta

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