Working Lunch

Fingers crossed I’ll have my camera fixed soon (it’s from Costco, and they’re good about getting stuffed fixed…)

For now, cell phone pics!

I told you guys last week I got some POM in the mail.  Of course, you know where it was going
You’re not surprised.
(Delicious btw!)

I made french toast with some POM syrup that was redic, and when my silly camera works again I’ll show you!

I’ve been working all week.  IN THE SAME CLASSROOM.  It’s fabulous.  It’s also made my eats largely packed lunches.  And given me less time to blog….

My breakfasts have been provided by this new friend
(Thank you, Costco and the fiance!)

I have been eating green smoothies like they’re going out of style.  Yesterday I made one with POM and frozen raspberries.  It was insanely good.

I’m on my lunch/prep right now.  Working = packing lunches.

Carrots/celery/hummus. Crackers too but they missed the picture. I’m thinking I may have eaten my body weight in hummus this week.

Fruit of some sort is daily too.  Today it’s oranges and a banana
and something else…

Did PB and apples the other day

Yogurt thang.  Plain yogurt, flax, walnuts, a lifetime supply of cinnamon, and banana.

Looks gross.  Tasted good.

I have no idea what this is.  I had chickpeas leftover from making my second batch of hummus this week.  And spinach, peas, parm, spices?  No idea.  But I like it.

And on the “wtf Portland” front, this was my deck on Tuesday morning.



14 responses to “Working Lunch

  1. I’ve missed your posts! So glad to see a new post. Also I am ridiculously jealous of your pom + vodka. YUM!

    Costco gave me a whole new camera when mine broke. They are awesome!

  2. costco rox! and so does the Magic Bullet.

  3. I miss you!!!

    That is the first place my POM always goes, too. Hmm, weird.

  4. Very healthy eats even if you don’t know what one of them was lol….

    My green monster was so great today!

  5. Glad you’re back. LOVE that you started the post with a cocktail

  6. Is everyone having green monsters? I feel so out of it! I must say your lunches look great- my lunch mantra is to throw as many items in my bag as I can and then call it ‘lunch’ when I try to make sense of it at work!

    Nice- is that snow?

  7. “Looks gross. Tasted good.” Seems to be the healthy mantra!

    That spinach pea things looks good!

  8. Well helllooooo stranger! Miss me much? You only made that pea thing because you were thinking of me. Sadly I’ve got a case of POM and no liquor. Feel like coming South :)?

  9. That must be so nice for you to be in the same room for a week … I used to love that when I was subbing!!

  10. MAGIC BULLET!!!! COOL!!!!

  11. I hope you camera gets fixed soon!
    But lovely pics, anyway… 🙂
    Have a great weekend, girl!

  12. pom syrup sounds great!

  13. pom martinis are FABULOUS! my mom makes a meaaaaan one 🙂

  14. didn’t i guess you were gonna make DRINKS from the POM? Like seriously…I haven’t met you and I know your lush lifestyle. 🙂

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