baby bro vlog!

Well since Eating Machine is having camera issues, i thought i would make a short little vlog so you can hear how awesome my voice is right now!


4 responses to “baby bro vlog!

  1. Hopefully the silver lining of serving ice cream while sick is that the cold ice cream can help heal your voice! Ice cream makes good medicine, right?

    If you really want to get Vitamin Water’s attention, you should whore yourself out to them in the text on this post, with lots of links to their website, and tout their beverages as magical, healing elixirs. I suspect that would get you at least a coupon.

  2. You are too funny. Hope it gets better soon.

  3. is it bad that I clapped when I saw “baby bro vlog” on my blogroll??? Because I did! hahaha

    hmm is that vitamin water in there or some red wine???hmmmmmm

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