With a Y, not an ie

Wow I manage to go a long time between posts!  I’ve been busy teaching this week-therapeutic pre school on monday (seriously), english on tuesday, and yesterday music.

But I also got asked to apply for a position at the private school I sub at (for next fall) so maybe someday my life will involve teaching the same thing every day.  A girl can dream…

Had lots of puppy underfoot fun around here
Silly doggie.

Diana asked last time why we rock so many pot roasts on the dinner table in the machine house.   The biggest reason?  I dislike most beef.  Before I was dating the fiance it was something I more or less never bought-my meat consumption was ground turkey or chicken breasts.  The fiance on the other hand, loves it.   Roast is one way where I don’t hate it.   So this way, we’re both happy.

Plus, leftovers get to be made into things like last night’s dinner

What’s that?
Beef pasty!  Mmmm.

Basically, a pasty is like a hand held pot pie. If you’re googling, pasty and pastie are two very different things.

And while both may make your man happy, we’re sticking with the Y around here.

We had them last week with chicken too
And made leftover crust into a little tiny chocolate pie
Baby sized pieces!  I made the pasty crust a little saltier than normal pie crust.  Salt + chocolate = happiness.

Here’s the easiest guessing game ever.  The wonderful folks at Pom sent me some juice to sample


Who can guess what the first thing I made was?


15 responses to “With a Y, not an ie

  1. Hahaha, I’m sipping some POM now. What did you make?

  2. Beef pastry!? I need that in my life. I want to know what you made!

  3. I bet you made a cocktail..LUSH!!!!!! Jk. Mmm…pastry dough…HOLY SH*T. Drool. Fiance is lucky.

  4. Best of luck with the teacher job! I know that it is a tough market right now. Pastry and beef….how yummy!

  5. pomegranate and vodka!?

  6. The first thing you made was a drink. I am going to guess a POM Mimosa, because that is what I would make 🙂

  7. mmm that beef pastry looks SO good!!! POM MARTINI!! 🙂

  8. Pom and vodka on the rocks! That would be my choice 🙂

  9. Your title cracked me up because that’s always how I say my name — Katy with a “y” not an “ie.”

  10. I’m going with a pomegranate martini. But then again that’s what I would make.

  11. What do you do in therapeutic preschool? I subbed in an ESL preschool and it was not pleasant at all. Therapeutic sounds better.

    That beef pasty looks good, as does the mini pie. I want both.

    I hope you made a pomtini or pom margarita.

  12. I think you made some sort of drink lol…

  13. well if you’re smart you made a POMtini… b/c that’s what i’m drinking right now!

    or maybe a POMarita??

    is it bad that’s basically the sole purpose for the jug of POM i keep in my fridge at all times????

  14. STILL staring at that beef pastry.

  15. GIRL that beef pastry AND chocolate pie look amazing!

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