Baby Makes Three

Fur baby that is!

Yup, we got our doggie this weekend!

Saturday morning we (and this is a real we-the fiance helped!) made biscuits and gravy.
See how there’s no gravy in that picture?  It was all in our tummies.  But the leftover biscuits are good on their own.  I used part whole wheat flour, which I’m pretty sure made them healthy.

Then my cousin’s family showed up to finish the fence and give us Shelby.
(Shelby was my cousin’s dog, but when their second child was born they realized she wasn’t getting enough love and attention anymore, so she was spastic and needy and they were overwhelmed, so we took her in-this way they can still visit her-and if they miss her too much, steal her back)

This is Shelby!  She is a 7 year old Australian Shepherd.  She wants to love you to death-given half the chance she’d climb in your lap.

We made pizza for dinner
Half is bacon/ranch/chicken.  I made the mistake of giving Shelby some of the bacon.  She was then glued to my side the rest of the night, just waiting for more.

Sunday morning, foreshadowing what life will be like when we have a real baby, Shelby woke me up way too early.  Know who she didn’t wake up?  The fiance.  (She came over and nuzzled my hand, so at least it was cute and not her barking her head off)

We went upstairs and I got to watch her go to town on her toy

It squeaks.  A lot.

We hit up PetSmart to get her tags, and some treats.  I’m really tempted to eat these suckers

Look at the ingredients-this is better than you’ll find on a lot of real cookies
We also took Shelby to the dog park.  Oh lord she hated it.  It was crowded and she got really nervous-she jumped up on us and laid her head in like she needed a hug!  We realized she hasn’t been around a lot of dogs, and she’s a herder so things not in a pack bug her.  We went on a walk instead, and that was much better.

Came home and downed some pot roast, broccoli and a monster sweet potato for dinner
And I better stop writing because I have some big brown eyes staring at me wanting allllll my attention.


21 responses to “Baby Makes Three

  1. Aw, I am envious you have a doggy! 🙂 She is so adorable!!

  2. oh, dogs are so fun but take up SO much time!!! I’m still surprised I can do anything else when I’m home with Maggie 🙂

  3. is it weirdd to say that I’d be glued to your side if you gave me bacon too? Yeah probably….

    Dog cookies seem like they’d be healthier than Oreos and possibly tastier too.

  4. Congrats on the dog! That’s so much fun. Just be careful on the chicken! Good thing she’s not allergic to pb. Dogs loooooove PB

  5. Aww yay!! What a precious fur baby!!!

  6. aw congrats on the fur baby!

    you know you can actually eat dog treats…according to my idiotic old roommate who always insisted I try one. i never did. he left disappointed.

  7. That sweet potato is monstrous! I love it when the sweet juices oozes out, makes my heart swoon. Congrats on the new addition to your family!

  8. Congrats! Dogs are THE BEST!

  9. Congrats on your fur baby! I’m not ready to start a dog family yet because I’m never home but you’ll have to let me know how it goes!

  10. Ahh – Your new puppy is so cute!! Congrat’s on your addition to your family. Animals are the greatest!

  11. congrats on the doggie. Shelby is a beauty! My roommate has an autrailian shep. so smart! so playful too!
    I am such a MUSh for dogs!

  12. What a pretty dog! I’m trying to be happy for you and not just jealous. 😉

  13. Welcome Shelby!

    I promise you your lives will never be the same. I had a long talk with our dog last night about how she drives me up a wall but that I love her so much I don’t know what to do with myself (and we won’t even go into the farting).

    7 is a great age because she’s probably mellowed out a little, and you’ll have plenty of good years to come. She’s a lucky dog!

  14. the one who wants all the attention is me right? or is the fiance? oh’s the dog. I’m never visiting you now cause that thing is gonna eat me. I swear..unless I carry bacon around. yummy delish pizza btw! Is your fiance’s fave pot roast? you make it alot! congrats on the new addition to your FAM.

  15. Congrats on your new addition 🙂 I love pups!!

  16. mmm you made me crave sweet potatoes!!

    haha those dog treats look like honey comb!!

  17. Awww…
    Shelby´s adorable! 🙂
    By the way, delicious eats… Specially that sweet potato! Holy Moly!
    Have a great week, girl!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  18. pssst I have a secret…come close….sometimes I try my dogs treats! shhhhhh our little secret lol

  19. Heh, I wish I had a dog who loved me just because I fed it a bit of bacon. lol.

  20. Yayyyyyy congrats on the new addition to the family! She’s super cute!!! We should have a playdate…

  21. My rescue dog (corgi – herder) was nervous about the dog park at first, but then we started going at times when it wasn’t busy and that helped out a lot.

    So cute – the waking you up at the same time isn’t always cute, but then they look at you with those eyes…

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