I love that I’m not the only weird breakfast eater!

As a lot of you pointed out, breakfast foods aren’t always the best things to start your day with…

I’ve been ending my days in some tasty ways lately too.

The fiance was craving stuffed peppers, and I’m never one to turn down meals that involve browned cheese, let’s be honest!
They had rice, tomatoes, and spicy sausage inside.  Tasty!

I’ve gotten absurdly obsessed with pickled beets lately too.  Which has been leading to concoctions like this
Apple and pickled beet with balsamic?  Almost disgusting but I liked it.  (I like apples on salads too… So it made sense to my tummy)

We busted out a cheese plate before dinner lately

Sad fact-I think there’s pretty much nothing we like more than Tillamook Cheddar.  Kinda lame, but true.
I made leftover pot roast into soup
I love soup.  So so much.  I should make it more… It goes well with the rain here!

We had some cookies from The Beaverton Bakery

Cookie that looks like beer, that’s frosted in chocolate (not chocolate frosting, straight up real chocolate)?  It’s like it was made just for me!
And last week for the first Friday of Lent we picked up what was always a lenten staple at my house

Papa Murphy’s veggie pizza.  It has spinach, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, zucchini, tomatoes, and I added olives.
You’ll be shocked, but the fiance didn’t have any.  Which is weird since it’s so full of things he loves.

My teaching adventure this week has been two days of Russian Immersion.

Which I am clearly vastly qualified for, what with ability to say three things in Russian (Hello, I don’t know, and OK)

Being a sub means you get to teach lots of things you’re totally not qualified to teach… I’ve done tech, PE, art, been the counselor, and special ed.

(Once, before I was a teacher, I taught Special Ed.  In Spanish.  For a week.  I don’t speak Spanish.)

But I had a blast with the kids-I taught in English and when it was worksheets in Russian I’d let someone read what they were doing. It worked…

So, I know a lot of my blogger friends are Catholic…. What was a friday dinner staple in your house?

Oh, and I am about a million years behind on the curve, but I made a formspring.


14 responses to “Underqualified

  1. That chocolate DOES look made for you, haha

  2. I’m Catholic, and tonight we have 4 cheese mac and cheese and parmesan crusted tilapia! I am always up for a good fried fish sandwich tho! 😉

  3. I grew up catholic. We had a lot of pasta fridays. And grilled cheese sandwiches.

    I recently subbed in a 7th grade special ed math class. I am so not qualified to teach that! It’s insane what you get put into.

  4. omg hahaha Special Ed Spanish! QUE BUENO!!!!

    My mom used to always make some sort of seafood with white rice…and I loved her for it! my mom knows her way around the kitchen!

    I on the other hand made mini english muffin pizza today for dindin lol

  5. no wine cookie? what a let down. i guess that would be found in hood river only.

    so fridays is a no meat day? half my life our family was catholic but never did the whole giving stuff up and so i dont know many of these things.

  6. Wow, what if you have no clue about the subject you’re suppose to teach? I heard you can earn quite a decent amount with subbing though.

    Oh, browned cheese! The best!

  7. im catholic, last friday mommy made me a prime rib dip sandwich thing for dinner, and this friday i had peperoni pizza from pizza hut…

  8. Mmmm…so much deliciousness. I love veggie pizza and stuffed bell peppers. I’m surprised the fiance likes them! Beer shaped cookie? HEAVEN!

  9. I’m not Catholic, but I loved that we used to get fried fish for lunch on Fridays at school. I thought it was just a treat, not a religious thing. Ah, youth.

  10. Those cookies are so cool, and that pizza looks amazing! I love veggie pizza!!

    I subbed for a long time (about 4 years) before getting my own class. I did some crazy things too! I subbed in a music room for 2 days and the only plans that were left were “Play these songs on the guitar and sing/ teach them with/ to the class.” Yikes!!

  11. I like cheese & crackers for breakfast.

    I LOVE pickled beets, they are a staple in my salads. I think I like pickled anything, really.

    I really adore the cookies.

    I especially loved the Tillamhook ice cream, which I came across when I spent the summer in WA and OR.

  12. Veggie pizza is my go to Lenten Friday food too! That looks awesome, and LOVE the beer cookie haha what could be better? I once had chocolate that was “beer” inspired I had a dark chocolate ale with a salted cashew on top…beer, chocolate, nut bliss.

  13. livelaughloveandrun

    Those cookies are great… so fun!

  14. You should have totally blog called me. I speak Russian. And I also want that cookie.

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