America Runs on Dunkin’

America runs on dunkin’ [which owns baskin robbins!] BUT, and here is a big shocker for anyone who doesnt follow me on twitter but I’m sure you all already follow me! OR ELSE!, baby brother runs on nike! Crazy, i know. Me, running? but honestly, its good to exercise i would buy anything with an apple logo on it.

This is true.  Pity the day apple makes a literal iPad.

Apple nike+ sensor and iPhone arm band: $60

Nike+ running shoes: $85

Motivational coffee [sorry dunkin, build a store here and maybe i will buy your coffee] $4.98

Not being lazy, start running, and go from not being able to even run a mile to running a mile in 8 min in 1 week: Priceless.

Working a just over min wage job and dropping 150 bucks on something before you know if you like it:  more than you should be spending.

[and running by the river is nice!]

The river really is nice.  And flat, which helps.

The more i invest into running, the longer i have to actually keep it up, right? that’s my theory, but we wont talk about the other money i spent on stuff for running.

Jesus, what else did you buy?

You can even lurk my running here!

Along with running I even ate a salad the other day!

and hiked up a mountain!

[you dont need to tell me how ugly beautiful my town is. i already know.]

Baby brother does actually hike on a regular basis.  Which is weird to me, but he does.

and i introduced my pet chicken to Dave’s Killer Bread. unfortunately the neighbors dogs also thought the bread looked good and ate it before he could finish. at least they chose eating the bread over eating him.

I know i always say this, but maybe i will actually get around to regularly posting blogs. and dont worry, this makes me sound healthy, but i just chose not to mention all the visits to mcdonalds, and all those amazing burger king funnel cake sticks i got [seriously, try them. they are amazing!]

now if only i could find an idea for my next post. any ideas?

There’s a  5K next month in surreal america-tell Baby Brother he needs to enter!


15 responses to “America Runs on Dunkin’

  1. I’ve been wondering about the BK funnel cake sticks!!

    • they are good! (and im sure they are healthy as well…) but its just like being at the fair! and they are only like a dollar. but if you dont eat them as soon as you get them they get cold fast and are not good.

  2. Way to get into running! The price of that 1 coffee alone made my jaw drop

  3. Enter the 5k Baby brother!!! You’ll have something to write about after that for sure!

  4. G0od news for you is that for a sport that really only requires your feet, there’s tons of good running gear to get. Hydration systems, energy gels, Garmins, race entry fees…there’s enough costs to get you into running ultra distances!

  5. I love the baby brother posts. He’s funny. I love your posts, too. Wait! Did I just read something about funnel cake sticks?

  6. there is a 5k in portland in april, i think eating machine should enter it with me!

  7. I am going to be signing up for my first 5k right away!! I can’t wait!!

    I think you should def do the 5k!!!!! I am doing my first one in two weeks and I am so excited (scared out of my mind)

  9. Yay for you bro!!!
    Btw, no slamming McDs! Hee hee, I’m trekking 1 whole mile just to get their $4.99 20-McNugget deal!

  10. i would run with you if we lived in the same town…or run to mcdonalds with you…or both. BTW updates on your WEDDING laddyyyy

  11. Dude….I wish I could run an 8 min mile. I would be thrilled. It only took you a week? I’m jealous!!!

    Enter the 5k now. They give out funnel cake sticks at the end, promise. LOL

  12. Glad you’re having a happy time running. The path and the mountain look lovely!

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