And Food…

Believe it or not, I didn’t just drink non stop while in Hood River.

After our wine tasting adventures, we went and  got changed, and hit up Nora’s Table

We actually had tried to go last year, but learned Valentines Day + Long weekend + Saturday night = no tables.  And we’re not good at waiting.  This year, we got reservations.

Was it worth waiting a year to try?  Heck yes.

For starters, they have Double Mountain on tap.  So basically you could’ve served the fiance zucchini and olives covered in mushrooms and he wouldn’t complain.
I had wine.

They brought out some bread with deliciousness
I honestly have no clue what all was in the deliciousness, but it was good!

We got the Nosh Plate as an appetizer
House made chorizo, house made pickled veggies, cheese…

I seriously had to FIGHT the fiance for those carrots.  Amazing.  He wouldn’t shut up about them… the whole drive home the next day was “how do you think they make those carrots?”  and “can we try and make those?”

Main dishes?
The fiance had filet with foie gras butter and purple potatoes.
Steak + purple potatoes = happy man

I got the crispy arctic char with Israeli couscous
Heaven friends, heaven.  The char had a delicious crispy salty top, and the couscous had a nice cinnamon-y sweetness.   Some sweet + some salty? Yes please!

Since it was Valentine’s Day, we got some bubbly
And had yummy chocolate cake, with tropical fruit on top
Notice how we clearly had already started devouring it before the picture was taken?

Then we thought, how should we end the night?
And hit up Double Mountain for one last drink
(Tasting, to make sure the beer was still delicious.  It was)

The next morning fresh air was the best idea ever, so we took a walk along the river
Fantastic weekend.
And I do still want to figure out how to make those pickled carrots.


9 responses to “And Food…

  1. I’m skeptical about fruit on chocolate cake. I kind of would rather just the cake

  2. you eat the best food ever. i love it

  3. I love your eats in this post!!

    I drank one too many beer last night, and now I am paying today 😦

  4. I’m with Evan–chocolate and tropical fruits doesn’t sound like it would balance well. But I shouldn’t knock it ’til I try it.

  5. yeah, i agree with evan and tamara… fruit on chocolate cake.. weeeeirrd.

  6. Mmm..artic char….Mmm…cake….

  7. Yums everything on this page looks amazing!

  8. I love when people make me cous cous! I always mess mine up. Mmmmm chocolate. I disagree with the fruit problem. The fruit here makes it healthy.

  9. yeah – fruit on cake – relieves the guilt factor – another piece please!

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