Getting Naked

Post delicious breakfast we went to go stare at the Columbia Gorge Hotel.


It’s a 70+ year old hotel, and it’s got crazy pretty views.  (It’s also not walkable to downtown, and cost more than our B&B… so we didn’t stay there 🙂 )

They do a lot of weddings in the summers-and after walking around I could see why
After a nice walk (despite the weather reports all saying it was going to rain, we never had more than a drizzle!) we went off to try out “the best Mexican restaurant in Hood River” (According to the B&B owners)
It was a place for real mexicans-check out the meat choices
Tongue, head, and goat!  (Also, the refried beans tasted like they were full of delicious lard)

I had chicken flautas with black beans

And our check came with a little sweet treat (it was Valentine’s Day)
Bellies full of food, it was time for some wine tasting!

Our first stop was Quenett
Where we both tasted six (trust me, this count is going to get bad)

Then we went down to Springhouse Cellar
WHICH HAS WINE ON TAP.  My mind.   Was blown.
You can buy refillable 1 L bottles, and they fill them up from the taps.

Sustainable!  And awesome.

They also had chocolate fondue
They were pouring 10ish wines.  Plus a port (6 earlier + 11 more = 17 tastes.)

They had these crazy old building bits attached to the side of the building, where they do their crush
(Was I told what these were from?  Possibly.   I’ll have to see if the fiance remembers)

We were enjoying ourselves
And feeling sad as each glass emptied
But it was time to… get naked!
The Naked Winery is awesome for several reasons.  The taste a ton of wines, their wines have dirty names (Penetration is one) and I’m 12 so I love it, and they’re into just having fun with what they do-it’s the least serious wine tasting I’ve ever found.   And I’m not into being serious.

Case in point: palate cleansers?
Heck yes.

With some real wine fare thrown in
We discovered they were also doing pairings with Moonstruck chocolate.

While we were there some live music started up
(Also, the couple on the left there?  Really into each other.  We kept seeing them around town.  Making out.  Awesome)

When I was saying they pour a lot?  We had about 17 tastes.  And then retasted a few to decide what to buy. (Grand total of tastes for the day = 37ish.  Even at 1 oz pours-and some of these were more than that-we each had about a bottle and a half of wine.)

Can you see why we love Hood River?


15 responses to “Getting Naked

  1. It’s official. I am planning a trip to Hood River this summer. I want to drink a wine called Penetration!

  2. I love when I come to your page and literally laugh out loud…you crack me up!

    The mexican food looks so good….oh I mean, muy bueno!

  3. your title really caught my attention and i was like uh-oh, maybe this is a NSFW post. i had to scroll with caution.

    maybe ill move my wedding to Hood River. Im gonna google that hotel.

  4. You and FH are so adorbs!

    What gorgeous pics!

    and CHEESE! how do i love thee!?!?

  5. Too many things to talk about! There are just too many things that got me excited! Wine on tap? I think you just found heaven 🙂

    I’m also very mature so I’m sure my face would have been red with excitement and embarassment too. We used to have a Moonstruck store in our downtown and it was glorious! I’m glad you got to try them!

  6. I get the sense I was supposed to think of dirty things when I saw that post title, but maybe I’ve been spending too much time reading food blogs–when I saw “naked” I thought, “Oh, she’ll be reviewing juice.” I’m not crazy; they sell the Naked brand of juices and smoothies at my student union (

  7. Thanks for stopping by, great pictures!

  8. love the pics! that breakfast looks AWESOMEEEE

  9. I love the little chocolates, that’s my kind of place apparently, too

  10. remember how we are going to hood river in september?

  11. hood river=face in the river. DAMNNN tons of drinks girl…mmm..and cheese..and chocolate…I wanna go…NOW.

  12. That hotel is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Wow!! I want to stay there!!

  13. Wow. I really want to go to Hood River. I love wine. Lucky girl, you. Love the name of that winery.

  14. Gosh, sounds amazing. WOuld love to visit, too!
    Oh, and tongue?! I’ve always wanted to try that!

  15. livelaughloveandrun

    That sounds like SO much fun! I love all your pictures!!! I live nowhere near Hood River, but if I ever get out there, I’d love to go to the Naked Winery!!

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