Shutting it Downnnn

After our beer-adventures it was clearly time for….
Wine tasting!

Not even kidding.  Our game plan for the evening was to hit up a tasting room, then grab some food, another tasting room and/or round 2 at Double Mountain.

Instead?  We went to The Pines made new best friends with another couple and the woman pouring, and spent a solid three hours in the tasting room. Tasting.  And retasting.

Pretty awesome, not going to lie.

Their tasting room is a huge place, with an art gallery


The tasting room was open till 9.  We all left at 9:30.  Cool kids shut down the tasting room.

We went off in search of a meal, and found North Oak Brasserie
Hood River is all on a hill, so (excuse the terrible pictures) you walk down staircases into some of the shops and restaurants there.

I had a salad (which clearly balances out all the booze, right?)

And then veal plus some pasta and asparagus

In a shockingly smart move on my part, I didn’t order more to drink.

The next morning we got up and went downstairs for breakfast
One of my favorite parts of a B&B is that breakfast is there without even having to put on shoes!  And this was yummy-so many types of fruit!

We were staying at the Hood River B&B
Which is in a 100 year old house, only a couple blocks from the main part of downtown
Check out the view we got!

Have you ever stayed at a B&B?


11 responses to “Shutting it Downnnn

  1. No but I’d love to! Seriously, breakfast without having to do anything? Sounds like heaven to me

  2. never been to a b&B. your VDay sounds really successful!

  3. I LOVE staying in B&Bs!
    Looks like you had a fantastic weekend!

  4. I like to stay at B&Bs whenever possible, because their prices are usually reasonable, the rooms are quiet and they’re so much prettier than Motel 6. And they almost always have crepes with fruit. Numnumnum….

  5. My hubby and I stayed at 3 B&Bs on our honeymoon. Two were really nice, and one was creepy!!

    We also stayed in another really good one on a ski trip 🙂 I like the idea, but I have certain requirements (private entrance, alarm clock …)

  6. Just came across your blog via DoubleMt twitter and love it! I am lucky to live in Hood River and love reading about others’ experiences here…. come back soon!


  7. I’ve actually looked into bed and breakfasts recently!!! Ahhh looks fun…and I can’t believe you cheated on the “me” couple with another couple. tsk tsk

  8. I love B&B’s. Sounds like you are having a great time. I am counting the days until I get to go to a wine tasting. I secretly want to become a wino. Yummy eats!

  9. I think you and your future hubby should adopt me! you go to the most amazing places!

    can i go too!??

  10. Looks like you had an awesome time in Hood River 🙂 Go drinking mama! I’ve stayed in a B&B once, north of Austin, Texas, and it was wonderful. Chris & I hope to venture out to wine country and stay at another one sometime this year.

  11. i can’t believe it’s true, but i’ve never actually stayed at a B&B… crazy!

    i too got sucked into The Pines… the guy pouring that day was telling us about how the night before he fell down this cliff, got knocked out, and was all tore up and was hurting, so he wanted to drink tequila for breakfast etc. etc.
    it was a good time!!

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