We just got back from Hood River a couple hours ago.  What a great weekend!

One of the fiance’s favorite beers is Full Sail’s Session.  Based mostly on the fact that they’re located in Hood River we made a trip there last year, and realized the whole town is pretty amazing.

The best part about going on President’s Day weekend is that across the state it was Zwickelmania.  Which is a big crazy word for Saturday being a day full of breweries doing tours and special tastings.

We started at Double Mountain because last year we missed their tour.

Of course, we couldn’t do a tour without some beer in our tummies
Helpful note friends:  ABV means alcohol by volume.  So, if you order a beer and the sign says 10+ ABV you get a sweet goblet of beer instead of a glass so that you don’t get too crunk.

It was a delicious brown.  I have no regrets.  The fiance got their IRA, which he loved.

And we had pizza
Which is cooked in a 700 degree brick oven.  Delicious.

We had a little extra time before our tour, so we split a nitro pale
Nitros use nitrogen rather than CO2 to propel it from the keg.  It was crazy-there was a definite difference.  Not better or worse, but different.  See how creamy the top looks?

And then the tour.  Oh my lord.

Our tour guide who is also a Co-Owner of the brewery, Charlie, led us into the back and instructed everyone to grab a pint glass.  He then showed us how to pour glasses out of a couple of the tanks

Possibly the coolest thing ever.

It was a nice tour-really low key, getting to ask all sorts of questions and see how the beer gets made.  While drinking free beer.

I also met Diana’s twin on our tour there too.  Before this girl told me her name she told me her favorite thing in the world was good food.

At 3:55 me, the fiance, Diana’s twin, and Diana’s twin’s boyfriend realized it was 5 minutes until the last tour of the day at Full Sail.  We looked at each other, looked at our beers, and then all simultaneously chugged while we ran to the door.

Full Sail is a bigger brewery.  It’s avialable in pretty much every state west of the Mississippi, and next month they’re taking over another building, which means they’ll be able to produce even more

The tanks they have are huge
No, SERIOUSLY huge.  See where the words are compared to our guide?

We got to hear about the bottling line

And see how even though they make a ton of beer, the recipes are still hand written, and done by people, not machines

People seem to like their beer

Our tour ended with a sample of a dark beer, plus chocolate

So if you’re keeping track, I had one super boozy beer, half a pizza, half a normal beer, far too many samples from the tank, more samples, and chocolate.  And this was all before 5 pm…

Hood River is my favorite.

Do you have any places near you that you like to go to?  I’m not a fan of driving, but I love that the Oregon Coast and Hood River are both only about an hour from us.

14 responses to “Zwickelmania

  1. You have got to be the dream wife- a whole post and romantic event devoted to beer!!!

    I love exploring around the SF Bay Area- everything is an hour away! I also love Lake Tahoe and once made it to Portland by train the year it snowed like crazy!

  2. Pizza, beer and chocolate all sound absolutely WONDERFUL!! I love me a dark, dark, beer!!

  3. Those drexts make a whole lot more sense now. FUNNNNNNN!!!!!

  4. The dark beer and chocolate look soooo amazing at the end. Yum,

  5. You are a beeer fanatic! BTW HAHAHAH you still believe it was me! That’s cool you went to “beer” country! Mmm…pizza and chocolate. All the necessary food groups

  6. Holy crap that looks like fun! I’m intrigued by the nitrogen beer.

  7. I wish we lived in Oregon even more now. Especially for the Full Sail.

  8. WOW you must have been in heaven!

    I am craving a greasy slice of pizza!

  9. Glad you found DM. Great beers, great gang, and great pizza. My fave for an after-hike wind-down.
    At Nora’s Table (my restaurant), we have a full DM tapline. Goes great with our (IMHOP) great food. Check us out next time you’re in the Hood — check us out at TripAdvisor, too.

  10. Your weekend, well I am jelous of. You and the fiance should come to the Great American Beer Fest here in Denver, in October. EPIC!!!!!!

    I have yet to make it to Hood River, but this sumem might be when I conquer that baby:)

  11. you need to go to Raccoon Lodge asap (they are cascade brewing, which puts on the waterfront brewer’s festival)… the bar downstairs is basically attached to the brewery. their beers change all the time, it’s rarely packed, they will let you sample anything, and their beers change all the time!
    i’m NOT ashamed to say i’m a regular…

  12. The hubs and I love the Hood River area. After seeing all the delicious beers you had, I am putting Zwickelmania on our must do list for next year. The pizza looked fantastic too.
    Looks like you guys had a great time on your trip!
    To answer your question: driving in LA is brutal so we try to go places on off-times to avoid sitting in traffic. One of the best lately food wise is Wurstkuche–beer, dogs and delicious belgium fries. Yum!

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