So, the leak is temporarily fixed!  We had a different plumber come on Thursday (we were less than impressed with the first one) and he capped the leaking pipe until we fix it for good (this means no leak, but also no water to one of our showers)

I had one of the best possible days subbing (“I want you to be our sub EVERY time!”) and made a easy dinner that made us both happy
Shepard’s pie.  Lazyish?  Sure.  But tasty
Mmmm.  The fiance was watching when I made the filling (ground turkey, brown gravy, onions, carrots, celery, spinach, peas, and corn) and told me I could feed him that mix on anything.

I think he wasn’t lying.  I could probably coat zucchini in meat and gravy and he’d eat it.

We also got a package from his mommy, featuring this adorable dish
Plus goodies to fill it up!

It might be empty now.  There’s a chance.

Yesterday I headed over to Les Schwab.  My brakes were making some crazy noises, and we’re heading out of town today.

A free popcorn later

I found out my front brakes had to be replaced.  Awesome.  So I bought myself brakes for Valentine’s Day.  Instead of shoes.  Most romantic gift to myself evahh.

Really, what made me the most sad?

Free beef only comes with tires, not brakes.


After kicking it in Les Schwab for hours, I was in no mood to make dinner.  So we hit up Burgerville for a romantic Friday night date

I had a Yukon Gold and White Bean Basil burger

(the currently have three different veggie burgers on the menu.  THREE.)

Plus we shared some yukon fries.

These are seriously the best fries ever.  Ever ever.

And then we drank and watched the Soup.


We’re off to Hood River this weekend-it’s a cute little town about an hour from Portland that we like. We’ll be spending tonight and tomorrow night at a B&B downtown.  It sounds romantic.  Till you realize our main plans are breweries and wine tasting.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?


14 responses to “Romance

  1. Andy and I are going to a food festival in Los Angeles today. So I fully intend on being in food coma all day Sunday. I have plans to run too..we’ll see how that goes. And we might make beer cheese fondue. Because nothing says love like beer!

    That veggie burger sounds really good! I love when places actually have a variety of them rather than your traditional garden burger!

  2. 3 veggie burgers? Here I can’t think of where I’d get 1.
    Valentines day with the family including screaming younger cousins–how romantic

  3. Can’t wait to hear about Hood River. Siblings of a friend live there and love it! Take lots of pics. We’re day-tripping to Vashon.

    OMG – I cannot believe we did not hit Burgerville once during our OR vacay last year. 3 veggie burgers??? Yours sounds delish!

    Have a great Valentine’s Day!

  4. I had to replace my brakes earlier this year- when I found out how much they were I stepped outside and called my dad because I was sure the mechanics were ripping me off. Sadly, no.

    Love The Soup 🙂 Have a great time this weekend!! Wine tastings and breweries are romantic for sure in my mind 🙂

  5. nothing wrong with abit of wine tasting 😉

    uhh well me and the guy im seeing i dont think are quite “there yet” so i doubt il be doing anything, listening to my sister moan about her none exsistant 16 year old love life probs 😀 haha
    love your blog by the way xx peony

  6. aww i love that bowl! thats so cute! so love-ly 🙂
    we are grilling out-the boy is out of town so im here at home!
    have fun for vday!

  7. So no brisket awaiting you in the back seat? Bummer. You know all the Les Schwab talk made me happy, though. And my grandpa…looks exactly like Les. I’ll have to show you pictures.

  8. That is so nice that the kids want you to be their sub every time – isn’t that just the best!!

  9. I think wine tasting and beer are all about romance! That’s actually how a lot of romance starts :)!

    Hope you have a great time. I’ve never made Shepard’s pie. It’s totally not lazy!

  10. hey!
    i just came across your blog and i can’t wait to keep reading!
    i would love it if you could check out mine and follow 🙂

  11. Hmm my Valentines Day Plans are working out (check) watch Breakfast in Bed on Soapnet (check) and endless hours of lifetime movies…(still working on that one) hahaha

    Happy V day to you and the future Hubs!

  12. oh my gosh i LOVE hood river! you probably won’t see this comment in time, but if you do… you MUST go wine tasting at Marchesi Vineyards.

    great older italian guy, and when we went he served bread and killer sopressata while you tasted…

    have fun!!

  13. I’ve always wanted to stay at a b&b! Maybe my bf will start being romantic and take me! Free beef with tires? were you in TEXAS and I didn’t know? BTW love veggie burgers…and burgers..and…fries.

  14. Breweries are super romantic. Hope you had fun.

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