Life is all about balance.

I balance plumbing woes with lots of drinking.

I balance the days where I’m a moody crazy lady (thanks hormones!) with days where I make the fiance breakfast

I keep a box of pictures and notes from nice, non crazy students for days when I need to balance out the crazy.

I make sure at least once article of clothing I put on every day is clean, to balance out my jeans which haven’t seen the wash in a week.

Balance is key in all areas of life.  But especially eating.

I balanced having a homemade, whole wheat bun and sweet potato fries with some oh-so-healthy artichoke dip on top.

Don’t even pretend that’s not a great idea.

I balanced homemade pumpkin bread, baked into a heart (from my mommy!)


With some frosting


What, that’s not balance?

Ok, the real balance was that I shared it with the fiance.  And had it instead of a second third glass of wine.

My lunch today has a good balance of lots of veggies


And more artichoke dip.


Veggies negate the fact that mayonnaise is on the ingredient list.

And I balance out needing to get out the door to go teach by giving my short hurried post a theme, so it looks like I tried 🙂

(The fiance is working from home today and a plumber is coming!  Lets hope stuff gets fixed!)


17 responses to “Balance

  1. Wine balances EVERYTHING out!

  2. That pumpkin bread heart is so cute! Is it filled with something??

  3. I like balance; balance is tasty 🙂

  4. I love your outlook on balance 🙂 I like balance too!

  5. you are the master of balancing acts!

  6. So you guys will be going to Costco/Target food court today?

  7. Balance is key! BTW what have you done to baby brother? he is eating salads AND running! lol

  8. I love balance. Pumpkin is healthy- frosting is delicious!

    I hope everything gets fixed. Plumbing problems are the worst!

  9. Balance is important. Right now mother nature could use some balance in Maryland with not snow. Not snow would be awesome. What a cute pumpkin bread heart!

  10. what does artichoke dip NOT balance???

    good luck with the plumber… depending on the outcome/bid you get, i’m thinking you, me, mama pea may need to have a booze fest!?!?

  11. My sweetie’s idea of balance is a cookie in each hand. Dip on a burger is definitely a step upwards.

  12. livelaughloveandrun

    I love your mom’s little pumpkin bread heart!! How cute?! I balanced our power going out with making a snowman in the dark 🙂

  13. I am in love with that artichoke dip!

  14. i can balance too!
    i balanced out my lunch of salad yesterday, with mcdonalds today.

  15. at least you know it’s not that healthy! (hooray for you trying though…I haven’t’ even posted pics of my eats since it’s been THAT bad this week) mmm….heart shaped food…delish..

  16. Your outlook on balance is perfect. Nothing wrong with good artichoke dip. If mayonnaise is your deterrent, Philadelphia cream cheese makes a Spinach Artichoke Cream Cheese that has no mayo. I’m here to help. I’m crossing my fingers for your plumbing issue.

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