Ceiling Saga

So, here’s the story with the plumbing fun….

Like I showed y’all there was a bubble in the ceiling.
We’d had, and fixed, a leak in the dishwasher.  That spot is right below the kitchen (it’s the spot where the wall is upstairs between the kitchen and upstairs bathroom), so we thought maybe it came from that.

Nope.  It got bigger.

Awesome.  So yesterday a plumber came (and was supposed to be here between 10 and noon, and showed up at 2, adding to the awesome).

He did this to the ceiling

And looks like the water that goes to the bathtub is leaking.  Upstairs.  In a location where fixing it involves either ripping out some of the tile in the shower, or taking out kitchen cabinets.

If I start drinking more, it’s because I am retiling a shower.

But it’s not all negative.  The good news out of this:  we learned that some of the plumbing in our house has been replaced over the years (it’s 50 years old, so we were wondering what sort of craziness might be lurking),  the actual fixing will only take a couple hours (so not cheap, but not outrageous), and we have two showers, so even if we take our sweet time fixing the tiles when they’re done we won’t be smelly.  So it could be worse.

Also, yesterday I started reading our homeowners insurance.  If there’s a riot, and it ruins trees, they get replaced!   Which is good because riots are clearly a big issue in Southwest Portland.

For dinner last night, after staring at the bathroom ceiling for far too long, we had sweet & sour meatballs

Plus rice, salad, and green beans.

Made the sweet and sour sauce myself, which means it lacked the crazy color of the real stuff

we weren’t too sad about that.

Ok, anyone have any repair disasters?  How scared should I be about this?


15 responses to “Ceiling Saga

  1. could you claim that the water was having a riot on its own and get that fixed for free? just wondering…

  2. I had a similar situation about 3 weeks after I bought my house. I had the bubbling of ceiling paint…and it turned out my AC condensation pipe was cracked and was leaking into the first floor ceiling.

    In the end, the repair wasn’t that awful…though they did have to cut a hole in my ceiling and replace the dry wall…

  3. I had a similar problem in one of my old apartments…I hope they fix it SOON!

  4. What a pain in the you know what. I would definitely have a margarita the size of my head if I were you.

    I am afraid to be a homeowner. But at least it will be fixed and hopefully not be a problem for a long time!

  5. When I was in college the radiator in the room above mine exploded and soaked my bedroom in dirty, dirty radiator water. Unfun.

  6. The second photo isn’t showing up; maybe that says something about how bad it is

  7. Ahhh the joys of homeownership. I somehow couldn’t see the second picture so I only got the “Boob descending from ceiling” photo. Sounds like an easy fix in the big scheme of things.

    (We had our main bath remodeled and part way through they found that the ceiling joists had been cut clear through so it was a miracle that our 2nd floor bathroom hadn’t come crashing through!)

  8. Well, the Bushes did call Portland, “Little Beirut” for a reason! Good luck with the repairs. Oh the joy of being a homeowner!

  9. I get scared with any sort of home repair not being done by my dad. Plumbers, electricians, mechanics, etc….you are kind of at their mercy, and we know how I like to be in control!!!

  10. Oh, joy, plumbing repair. Never had anything like that before. Make sure you use a reputable plumber, and read their fine print carefully. Did you find out your homeowner’s insurance isn’t covering the water damage? That’s a bitch, ain’t it?

  11. what kind of scary repairs have i had? how much time have you got??

    just take a deep breath, and tackle it when you can, and then repeat to yourself 100 times, i love being a homeowner i love being a homeowner…

  12. sweet and sour balls?! YUM!

  13. Yikes – the meat balls look good though 🙂

    Our main city water line broke in half this fall (right where it comes into our basement) and started flooding the basement. Luckily we were in the process of finishing our unfinished basement, and nothing had been done yet except some bracing. No damage was done, and we were able to get it fixed for about $300, although I thought it was going to be much worse than that and spent a night crying my eyes out.

  14. HOLY SH*T. At least you finally figured out what it was. Great job on those balls. I enjoy how you craved them after a disaster. disaster->balls. makes complete sense.

  15. The meatballs look great. So very yummy. I’m sorry about your bathroom woes. Wow! That didn’t sound right. Hope it gets better soon.

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