Farmers Markets in February?

One of the things I adore about our ‘hood (besides Baker & Spice and margaritas the size of my head) is our farmers market.

It’s a great farmers market, just on its own-good variety, lots of vendors, but not too crowded.  But what’s extra awesome is that it is YEAR ROUND.  Which means that dinner last night came fresh from the farmers market.  In February.  Sweet.

(Also, aparently this is the time of year to buy eggs?  There were a TON
How pretty are they?)

There’s a decent variety going on at the market, even though it’s winter.  On Sunday morning we bought some polenta, catfish (caught the day before!), and a squash.

We cooked up the catfish with some spices plus cracker crumbs, and then did the polenta with just a little cheese added

And squashies!  The fiance actually tried a few bites.
Isn’t the polenta pretty?
I’m marrying a 5 year old, and he chose this based entirely on the fact that it had pretty colors

Not kidding.  Don’t worry friends, he works for the government

Today I made use of some Super Bowl leftovers.  Cause a good follow up to local farmers market food?
Artichoke dip.  It was made to be a breakfast food, right?

Don’t worry, those chips?
ORGANIC.  That means healthy, right?

If you follow me on twitter you saw that we’re having a plumbing adventure right now.  I’m pretending it’s not happening at the moment, so I’ll tell the whole story later.  Basically, the bubble in the ceiling didn’t go away on it’s own.

But on a happy note, we have leftover polenta! And really, how much can you worry when that’s in your fridge?

12 responses to “Farmers Markets in February?

  1. I’m super jealous of your year-round farmer’s market! Winter and I are done for the year, but he doesn’t know it yet. I wish he’d get out of my neighborhood already.

  2. Okay, I am confused … what exactly is polenta? How is it supposed to be eaten? I have only ever seen it in tubes!?

  3. LOL you called us “friends!”

  4. I still have a crap ton of dip in my fridge. Can you take it and feed it to your plumber? Thanks.

  5. I’ve never had catfish…I’m kinda scared of it.

  6. Life is always a little better with leftover polenta. That would make a good breakfast, too. To console you over your plumbing woes.

  7. THAT’S how you use polenta. Farmer’s market in february? JEALOUSSSS. BTW omg I can’t wait to hear about that damn bubble!

  8. Bubbles can be so much trouble. Hope it gets better. I truly envy your farmer’s market.

  9. I would love me some farm eggs. I know there’s one in RI… I just can’t find it? I’ll look harder when it’s warmer

  10. You are so lucky that you have a year round farmer’s market. Those find looks so amazing.

    LOL about marrying a five year old. My girls love pretty colored food.

  11. lucky lady that you have a year round farmers market!

    OMG Fresh catfish! delish!!!!

  12. Most of the farmer markets out here close down in November =/

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