Adventures in PDX

While Baby Brother was here we got in several key Portland activities.

He had his first trip to Sweet Tomatoes, where he was not impressed with the cornbread


“There’s CORN in this!”

He didn’t understand it’s all about the monster salads

He was much more focused on double fisting the soft serve


We had a proper family breakfast


And went to the world’s most over-stimulating Fred Meyer.

Seriously.  First, huge beer selection


Then we found DAVE!  (As in Dave’s Killer Bread)


We’re cool, so we got pictures with him.

Then there were rootbeer floats, and as we ate those BAGPIPES showed up
I have never been more overstimulated in my life.

And Baby Brother did his best to reignite Oregon’s logging industry

But now he’s back in surreal america.

Baby Brother, do you miss Portland yet?


13 responses to “Adventures in PDX

  1. That’s so cool you met Dave! I need to try a Sin Dawg sometime; they look unreal

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. Love the learning post… I’m sure he misses Portland. Now, about that wall of beer. Do they ship to TX?

  3. ooh I went to Souplantation (the California name for Sweet Tomatoes) this weekend too. And it’s all about monster salads. but I don’t mind double fisting the ice cream either.

    My friend Sarah works in a Fred Meyer in Portland (in the Chase bank) I wonder if you were at her store!

  4. It looks like you guys had a great time but hey where is my vlog? lol

  5. Envy! Sweet Tomatoes/Souplantations salads are the only salads I’ve ever truly loved. I’ve had some flings with the university cafeteria bars and at-home versions, but it just isn’t the same. Tarragon pasta salad….

    Baby Brother looks a heck of a lot like MY younger brothers at Souplantation, by the way. Only they have the ice cream on top of brownies, cobbler, or anything else with sugar in it.

  6. baby brother is so tall!

    looks like it was a KILLER weekend!!! 🙂

  7. What kind of magical land is this Fred Meyer??

  8. you forgot to mention how when you saw dave was at freddies, you started jumping up and down yelling “ITS DAVE! ITS DAVE!”

  9. What the hell kinda crazy Fred Meyer is that????

    I also LOVE Dave! It’s so nuts he was in prison and now we worship him. I’m DYING to try a Sin Dawg!

  10. Isn’t Dave nice?! Please tell me you bought a sin Dawg.

  11. You can buy individual beer!!!!!!!??? Um HELLO!!

  12. LOL I would totally be double fisting soft serve too! I feel like I would be baby brother if I visited oregon..minus the last picture. Glad he had a fun/eye awakening time!

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