Baby brother has already learned a lot here in Portland.

Like how to buy lettuce
NOT KIDDING.  First, he wanted to know if it was ok to touch it because i wasn’t wrapped.  Then he was AMAZED at the price.  “I thought it was going to be like… four dollars or something”

Then we played “how much do things cost”.  “How much are apples?” ” Um, two for a dollar?”  “they’re sold by the pound”

We also learned where our kidneys are
And he learned that you can make non microwave popcorn
For dinner he learned more about microbrews
I learned not to let the fiance pour my wine-giant glass o booze

Today I learned some kids in the projects.

The schools supply a snack-normally things like apples or carrot sticks or bananas.  Today?  We learned what a kumquat is.
I also learned that 10 year olds are not fans of these.   Watching children spit out food is oh so fun.

I re-learned that children in the projects are oh so fun to teach-I had two boys square off and try and start a fight.  Which means I got to learn how to block a punch while attempting to get 23 other children to quietly line up.

What’ve you learned today?

14 responses to “Learning

  1. Lol, I loved this post. I saw his tweet and wanted to respond apples are NOT 2 for a dollar if you’re somewhere like whole foods. More like 1 for 2 dollars.

  2. I learned that i should never ever again run while my shins arent either taped or encased in zensah sleeves.

    so im guessing they dont have lettuce in surreal america?

  3. Today I learned that on extremely snowy days, the grocery store is packed even at 10 am.

  4. I learned that I was correct in my assumption that I would not make a good teacher!

  5. A week ago my brother was getting kicked out of a bar – hope your visit goes smoother!

    (You’re a better big sis than I am, I think)

  6. Today I learned that chocolate beer and I are good friends. Mmmm, chocolate beer.

  7. Baby Bro also learned that I am a flake and toddlers are unpredictable. (I have photo evidence up as we speak).

  8. Your bro is adorable. I wish I could teach my bro too, except he took a culinary class and he seems to have gotten a fancy into gourmet cooking…He loves butter and sweet paprika and risotto and pork butt and goodness knows what else I thought he never knew existed!

  9. my friend teaches in a poor district…a 7 year old brought a knife to school one time. be glad that wasn’t you. BTW HILARIOUS baby brother “learnings”s. what is that kidney thing? is that a bib? Where can I get it?

  10. I really, really love that picture of baby bro with the kidneys and intestines. It is truly beautiful.

    As for kids starting a fight? I would have hid under a desk. some teacher.

  11. hey there! you’re hilarious!!! Kids definitely do not like kumquats, but the ones from Hong Kong have thin skin and only 1 seeds, and they are AWESOME!!! I’m also a fan of the “organs bib”…that’s just too funny!

    P.s. Come check out my $50 safeway giftcard giveaway!! Everyone needs some extra grocery money! 🙂

  12. I love your brother! he is too funny lol . I learned that eating a whole box of cereal in one day will make you gain 2 lbs! gasp lol

  13. livelaughloveandrun

    You and your brother are too funny together! I’ve never had a kumquat. What do they taste like??

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