We’re good with the wheel

So I’m totally on my lunch right now… but at my house cause I had a 2 hour lunch!  Score.

I was going to blog yesterday, but then I found this.
That weird lump?  On the downstairs bathroom ceiling.  FULL OF FRIGGIN WATER.  You have no idea how long I stared at it.  Then I popped it.  The hose that connects the dishwasher to the sink came lose the other day, and the kitchen sink flooded all over.  This is right below that, so I’m crossing my fingers that this was just weird residual stuff from that.

But seriously, WTF?

Being a homeowner is fun.

On a good news front, I made fantastic bread

I have no idea why I keep doing different bread recipes.  This one is one I used way back when I first started making bread, and it’s fantastic.  Sometimes  I need to remind myself that I don’t need to reinvent the wheel.  Wheels are pretty awesome as is. that’s what this bread is-it’s nothing fancy, but it’s good, tasty sandwich bread.

I used it to make an open faced tuna sandwich yesterday

And then I ate it while watching wayyy too much HGTV.  That channel is oddly addictive.

Allergies have been kicking our butts lately, so we got takeout last night (with a BOGO coupon!  Score!).  This is how my curry was packaged

It’s like a goldfish, but tastier!

I had my curry (no clue what it was-the fiance ordered) plus some pad thai

Ok, better get going back to school!  I’m teaching art today!

And guess who’s coming to Portland tonight?

Total giveaway hint:  I’m mapping out the closest Starbucks and Baskin Robbins for him….


13 responses to “We’re good with the wheel

  1. do you happen to have that bread recipe? it looks great! I need a good sandwich bread recipe to make.

    baby bro is coming? 🙂

  2. You popped the water bubble!!?? You are brave!!

  3. baby brother! AW! I wish I could party with you guys!

    I’m with Brandi, I need that bread recipe. Do you use a bread maker? How does it look so perfect? I must know!!!

  4. Hi. Bread recipe please! Chris and I are splitting a beer a day from my John’s market adventure. Full review on the blog to follow shortly cuz once the weekend hits, the “one a day” rule will fly out the window!

  5. do you get tot ake any art projects home? you could snatch one from the kiddies…

    recipe for that rbead must go up asap! youve got quite the demand for it missy.

    baby brother! do he get like free stuff if he goes to a portland BR31? employee discount?

  6. Woah that bulging ceiling woulda had me peeing my pants. 😦


  7. Oh man, that ceiling is really going! Hope things come out OK

  8. There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread! It looks delicious.

    Your blog makes me long to take another trip up to Portland. Ahh the food, the beer, the farmer’s markets….and a small addiction to Clyde Common.

    Hope the ceiling thing works out. Owning a home is tough work!

  9. Yikes – that sucks about the ceiling!! I would have cried. I am a crier when it comes to things going wrong in my house!

  10. Um, that ceiling thing is scary. You might need to get that looked at JIC!!! Lovely bread/tuna combo. I’m looking forward to outragous baby brother and you posts!


    and where was that huge ceiling thing?!

  12. BABY BROTHER! WOOOHOO I hope you have fun and I am requesting a drunken vlog!

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