We here in the Eating Machine household spend a lot of money on food.

A lot a lot.  I tried to explain this to the fiance, and finally went through and added up a months worth of grocery shopping on my debit card (which of course doesn’t include my credit card, anything paid for with cash, or anything paid for by the fiance-and he usually pays at Costco, where we spend 50-100 a month I’d guess).  In the month I’d spent about $280ish, and we were gone for a week of that month…

And really, we have a ton of food in our house, we just don’t think to eat it sometimes… So for the past month, I had an envelope with the grocery money, and that is ALL we could spend.
As the title of the post says, there’s $5.02 left now, and it’s the last day of the month!

Not too bad…

(that money clearly doesn’t include going out to eat or alcohol.  The fiance gets very very sad when I try to limit his beer buying.  Can’t do that to him)

In a quest to make my last few dollars last I went to The Portland Fruit Company the other day.  (If you live in PDX and you’re wondering why you’ve never been there, its on 82nd and Foster-that’d be why)

It’s sketchy as can be-you have to check your apples welllll there, but I got this
for $3.14!  That’s a giant bag of mushrooms (just for me of course!), cilantro, almost three pounds of tomatoes, and two pounds of apples (from Hood River, so pretty local too!)

I really should go there more-it’s on my way home from the school I sub at the most.

Other smart with money choices?  Making brownies at home
Instead of going out to buy some bed dinner.


Not so smart with money choices?
Serve your own frozen yogurt.

They had ten flavors, plus
about a million toppings
Like I could say no to that.

I had original tart, pomegranate, and pineapple, with gummy bears, kiwi and strawberry on top.

So do you have grocery budgets?  Is it terrible that we kinda don’t have a budget for anything?  (We put money into savings every month, and pay all our bills, so we’re not horrifically bad about spending, but we have no budget at all)


20 responses to “$5.02

  1. I budget 100 dollars a week then an extra hundred dollars. I count the weeks by Sundays because that is the day we grocery shop … so if there are 4 Sundays in a month, I budget 500 dollars for groceries that month. There is only 2 of us, so that does seem like a LOT of money now that I think of it … but that is what we spend. If we have a dinner party, we spend 100 on it – so that takes up some of the money. I put all the grocery money in an envelope like you did and then only try and spend that. I also use envelopes for other things (like going out money) etc.

  2. I keep track, but I don’t really keep a “budget”. Food is definitely what I spend the most on, but I love it so I don’t mind.

  3. Holy mother, where is that fro yo place!?! They’ve got to have a dairy free option, don’t they? I smell a playdate.

  4. We have no budget at all. I use mint.com to track our expenses and it’s pitiful. We spend about $700 a month on groceries, coffee shops, restaurants and food on campus (for me)

    I am actually planning another challenge for February to help me out with this.

    Self-serve froyo is clearly a gift from God.

  5. No budget here, either. This is a slight problem, since grad students make less than unemployed persons. I’m never late with my bills, but I could probably be a little more cautious with my dough.

  6. Seriously, at my old house, I would WALK to portland fruit company. It’s waaaaay cheap, but it isn’t the best quality stuff. I would just go in occasionally and pick up what looked like it wouldn’t go bad in 24 hours. Where is that yogurt place? I noticed there is a self-serve fro-yo place on Hawthorne that I’ve been wanting to try out, but didn’t know there was one anywhere else!

  7. I don’t have a budget per se, but being the science major that I was, I document where every single penny goes. My year-end report for 2009 says we spent $269.18 average monthly on groceries. I suppose that’s pretty high, but it was also 22% of our total expenses (we live on about $850 a month, not including emergencies like medical bills or replacing the washing machine). Food is very important to us, so we don’t mind allocating our funds towards it. We just cut back in other areas that don’t matter to us, like clothes and nights on the town.

  8. We have a place called Yogurtland in the Bay Area. They have a bazillion different flavors and it’s cheap…and I lived there all summer long!

    We don’t really have a food budget. There are only 2 of us and we spend about $80 per week. I usually make sure we eat all of the produce, husband takes care of the meat, and we try to keep the processed and specialties to a minimum. I am really bad at hoarding pantry staples, so I should look and see what we have in there.

    Oh, and my husband is an economist. He has the next 10 years of our life on a budget 🙂

  9. gah Pullman needs to hurry up and get with the times…we need a Self-Serve yogurt place darn it.

    we dont have a budget too but off the top of my head I know we spend almost $400 a month on food, but like you we have savings and all our bills are always paid. maybe when lil bro leaves we’ll get our grocery bill a little lower.

  10. I need to learn to budget better when I go to the grocery store…I just get what I like lol

    And right now I like that Frozen Yogurt Place!

  11. Congrats on coming in under budget!! I have a budget, but give myself a lot of leeway, so I’m not really sure if it counts, ha! I could definitely be better at planning meals around sales, but only seem to remember on bad sales weeks. (It’s not me, it’s the sales…) Oh well.

  12. That’s awesome you added everything up and saw what you were spending. We did a similar exercise with our cc interest, and just the awareness made a big difference. I’m afraid to ad dup what we spend but I do know that we need to eat down what we have before we spend again.

    I’m glad we don’t have a serve yourself tart froyo but one where they serve it and weigh it. That could be tres dangereuse. Yummy though!

    Awesome job on the produce – that’s a STEAL!

  13. I need to start doing the certain amount of cash per month for groceries method of budgeting. Last November or December I spent $400+ on food (that included some eating out)…and IT’S JUST ME. So, any time you feel about your grocery bill, just think about how much this single girl spend on food. Most of which goes bad and gets thrown away. (I am trying to change my habits though and this month I spent about $200…

  14. budgets are lame lame lame. i make sure to avoid having one.

  15. I try to keep to budget every week. I only buy what is on my list. It is very difficult 🙂

  16. OMG. I was just gonna start budgeting. It’s disgusting but I spend about 200-300…a week…it’s cause all the fish and protein bars my bf eats! He’s like a walrus!

  17. Mmmmm yogurt! 🙂
    Ugh I’ve been trying to budget!

  18. i always say im gonna budget my money and i never get to. i stink at it!

  19. Okay, basically, about 80-90% of my monthly budget is spent on food. Sometimes, I wonder where all that food goes. I’m convinced I have a rat in my kitchen. How can that much food go inside (and pass through) me?

  20. I seriously need to find a fro yo place near me!! I can’t stand it!!

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