So, I’ve clearly been less than awesome blogger lately.  I’ve been busy teaching and battling allergies from hell.

(Oh, on the subject of teaching:  yesterday I taught special ed, then was the counselor.  Want to know two jobs I am not qualified for?  Special Ed and school counselor!)

Before we get to food, let me show y’all why my allergies have been kicking my butt
I did that.

(They were dead-I’m not digging up perfectly good trees or anything!)

I also planted a new friend!
It’s a peach tree!

I tried for a plum tree but the fiance told me he hates plums (I hadn’t updated that in a while!  Plums are now on there).  Seriously.

We made pizza for dinner the other night
This was with dough I’d frozen last time we had some-I wasn’t sure how it’d turn out, but it was good!

And yesterday I woke up at 5:30 because my sinuses were congested to the point I couldn’t breathe.

What do you do when you’re up way too early?
Raspberry pancakes even

Oh, and I lost my voice, so I’ve also been drinking tea like crazy
When I uploaded pictures  I had a million pictures of different mugs of tea.  Pretty sure one is enough.

(and that’s an orange slice in there… We have no lemons, but oranges were 3 pounds for a dollar, so I figured citrus is citrus and used it)

I also made some soup yesterday after work, to try and help out my poor voice (I should maybe have not worked yesterday… I am not good at making good choices)
(It was cream of mushroom with brown rice-yum!)

And because I was up early again today, more pancakes!

You are what you eat.  I’m delicious carbs.


10 responses to “Slacker

  1. If you are what you eat, I’m a bucket of chocolate. I sound good to me

  2. I’m lots of cheese. Hope I don’t smell like it.

  3. I don’t mean to sound like a mom, but maybe you should go to the doctor. I just got back. Double ear infection and sinus infection. If you are what you eat, I’m some delicious antibiotics.

  4. Sorry you are sick! If I am what I eat, I’m a chocolate and almond butter covered apple/brussels sprouts mix, probably dipped in ketchup. Gross.

  5. Um, I’ve never thought of cranberries in pancakes. GENIUS! mmm….pancakes….I wanna be a carb with you..but insteead…mine are limited time only dark chocolate 3 musketeers bars with cherry flavoring on the inside!

  6. maybe you shud hire some people to take care of that yard…your allergies are keeping you from blogging. not cool allergies, not cool.

    um if i am what i eat…then i am sure im carbs too. i could swim and sleep in carbs.

  7. One day I hope to be a school counselor! I think it would be pretty laid back, no?

  8. if you are what you eat, im starbucks.

  9. The soup sounds/looks good, bam!!!

    In the sinus dept. if you do not do it already, can I suggest Neil Med sinus rinses? I use them daily, because I was just a walking sinus infection for much of the last 4 years. They work great for allergies. At first it takes a little getting used to, the idea of rinsing the old sinuses out, but it really does help get the crap out.

    Hope you feel better!!!

  10. I subbed special ed recently too. I am totally not cut out for it either.

    I would be delicious carbs too.

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