Me: 2 Mother Nature: 0

I’ve been doing yard work like crazy lately*.   I love it-getting a killer workout + making our poor yard nicer?  Oh yeah.

The only problem with all this yard work?

I’m totally allergic to outside.

Like, all of outside.

So I’ve had some mornings where this is all I wanna do
But, I finally stopped being stupid and realized I have allergy meds for a reason.  (yes, I have a masters degree.  and yes it still took me several days to realize “allergy meds help my allergies”)

Now I’m kicking my yard’s butt.  It’s too dark to take pictures right now, but seriously, I showed Mother Nature who is boss.  You’ll see.

I’ve been doing some eating too

We had a taco-y soup for dinner on Monday
(leftover pot roast + black beans + peppers + onions + corn + brown rice = yum!)

I topped mine with my favorite source of probiotics
Sour cream is my lovahhh.

We had an amazing dessert too
Yeah, that’s toast with jam.  It was dessert.  And it was sooo good!  (Homemade whole grain bread!)
I’ve also been all about the cheesy rice.  So freakin’ good.Photobucket
And last night we did roast chicken, green beans, and quinoa
Plus a salad, but it was just spinach, do I figured you don’t need a picture.

Last night, we did something new!


I wanted to go to the gym.  The fiance?  Not so much.  But he said he’d do yoga with me on the tv (exercise tv on demand!).  He’d never done yoga-ever-and was amazed at how much of a workout it was.  He liked it I think-he said we can do it again.  I’m proud of him for giving it a try.

Do you work out with someone else?

*allergy meds give me a nice little disconnect from reality.  So um, sorry if this seems like I’m a lil manic.  I am.

14 responses to “Me: 2 Mother Nature: 0

  1. Ahhh cheesy rice. It does nothing for my hunger, but oh so much for the soul

  2. I’m allergic to everything outside too. And cats…if I am around a cat for more than 5 minutes my eyelids puff up and my face swells. Sexy. So I have made allergy meds my BFF.

    Sour cream makes most things better in my opinion. I love it!

  3. I have a pink yoga mat if the fiance is interested. It may have a little green crayon on it, but that’s the least of his worries.

  4. If you think you are loopy, I’m marveling about how “fiance” and “finance” have the same letters and the fiance is an accountant!!!

  5. i tried working out with the boyfriend but hes mean at the gym. i no likey!

    that taco-y soup looks yum-my

    and i am allergic to the outdoors too.. I always wait till i feel like death before i take my allergy meds.

  6. glad you’re getting some stuff done – I hope the allergies calm down for you!

  7. My husband will NOT do yoga with me, and it hurts my heart. Asshole. Congratulations on not marrying an asshole. 🙂 Sorry I said asshole on your blog. Three times.

  8. ohh that taco soup looks great! I hear to many people have it and I have yet to try out my hand making some! homemade whole grain bread?!?! that sounds FANTASTIC!!! feel better!

  9. Taco soup and cheesy rice both sound absolutely fantastic to me … not helping my grumbling stomach!!

    I usually work out alone, but with running my hubby comes with me.

  10. i’m jealous of the yard work you’ve been able to do! our yard work currently consists of porter hauling in giant sticks that he’s either yanked off a tree or found somewhere in the depths of the backyard jungle and dropping them at the back door…

    but suddenly i’m wondering if we could take this moment and just train him to just do all our yardwork!?!?

  11. Allergies are the worse. When it is ragweed season I am a mess. I use a neti-pot to help cleanse my nasal passages. Hope you feel better by morning!

  12. I love that he did Yoga with you! you def need to marry this man!

  13. take zyrtec, it’s weaker than benadryl but at least you won’t feel like a zombie! BTW I try to work out w/ my bf but he lifts like 80 lb weights while I left 8 lbs…yeah..not happening…Mmmm…jam and breadd

  14. Allergies are the worst. My husband is allergic to everything, but is spearheading our organic garden.

    I can’t believe the fiance did yoga with you! Mine went to a class with me once and his idea of fun was to try to make me laugh.

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