I put my hands up, they playin’ my song

it’s a party in the USA

Hello from surreal America, or should I say surreal ‘MERRICA [please note that when saying ‘MERRICA it is very important to yell it, loudly]. Dont worry we will get back to this ‘MERRICA thing in a second.

Things I have been really good at so far this year? Going to starbucks.

[star= went to starbucks, multiple star= went to starbucks more then once that day. oops.  oh and dont worry i went monday and today… it just hasnt updated it online yet]

Big Sister:  um, how are there days withOUT stars?  That’s what I’m wondering…

Things I havent been good at this year? Writing blogs that arent me sneaking into pictures with Mama Pea. So here we go, a blog by me that is actually about food!

DUDE BABY BROTHER!  When you come to PDX next month we can go visit Mama Pea!

[this is where we get back to ‘MERRICA] I dont know if any of you are privileged enough to have a Famous Dave’s BBQ near you, but I sure do. This is a BBQ place that serves a giant meal on a garbage can lid. Also, on the wall has a sign that says this “At famous dave’s 3 little pigs isnt a nursery rhyme, it’s the appetizer” Needless to say, my family got the $70 of food piled on a garbage can lid.

i know its a bad phone pic, but it was lots of good healthy food. i promise, like ribs, corn, corn bread, and lots lots more. also you can see monster baby eying it in the corner.

Big Sister says:  what are those round things?

Also, why do we not go there when I’m in town?  Then we could have enough people to get TWO garbage can lids

it was very good! gotta love surreal america.

looking through my pictures i remembered why i am so bad at blogging, i always forget to take pictures of my food, i do however take pictures when i build armies of clowns…

so not creepy, i think eating machine should have a clown themed wedding. instead of an mc or dj, hire a clown. instead of a limo, get a clown car. and instead of a cake, GET BR CLOWN CONES. She doesnt like my idea though. 😦

No, no I don’t.

[as i mentioned in my last post, I like to make friends! SO you should sooo follow me on the twittter! you wont regret it. i promise. my tweets are pretty damn entertaining. ok maybe they are boring, but you can still follow me @baby_brother]


15 responses to “I put my hands up, they playin’ my song

  1. I used to LOVE those ice cream cone faces at Baskin Robbins . . . I used to beg my mom for them when I was little!!

  2. You SOOOOOOOO need to cater Kalin’s wedding with trash can lids and clown cones. I’d drive to Tri Cities just to see that.

  3. I totally just added you on twitter. (I’m possiblymaybe) just because you posted about trash can lid meals at Famous Dave’s. I live in walking distance from there and I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty good! But I always want to die afterwards because I’m soooo full. Gross.

  4. I’m wondering how you afford all this Starbucks! I’d be flatout broke

  5. Those are the cutest little clowns!!!!! I love ’em!!!

  6. Uhhhmm, those clowns are scary. Like, woah.

  7. Oh baby brother is on Twitter! Totally made my day =)

  8. livelaughloveandrun

    He is hilarious! Seriously, Starbucks is a ridiculously expensive habit!! I know from experience.

  9. omg trailer park food is DA BEST. I live in surreal MMERICAA too…but with more trailers! I swear!

  10. What does the cup with the star on the calendar mean? An extra special trip to Starbucks? Perhaps extra foam or a cute barista?

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