Say Yes

So, after finding our secret window on Saturday, we went out for a date night.

As we’re a super romantic couple, our date night was at a Hopworks.  Which is a brewery.

For happy hour.

ROMANCE friends, romance.

Btw you walk by this if you park in the back.
Yeah, that’s a bike.  That holds kegs of beer.  Organic beer.  Next to a biodiesel tank.  Welcome to Portland.

We did a sampler of beer, which allows you to pretend you aren’t drinking to excess.

Mini glasses of beer are alcohol free.  Just like mini pie is calorie free.

And we ordered a million things to share.

I got a chicken caesar salad.

It had olives.  Words cannot describe my love of caesar salad with black olives.  Plus more (free range, organic) chicken than I could eat.  Yum.

the fiance ate some only after I had consumed every olive in there.

We had some pizza bread
Bread with cheese and yummy tomato sauce-what’s not to love?

And pretzels!

These amused me, a lot.

The fiance had some wings too, but those did not want their picture taken.

We had some more beer too.  Shocking.

And we hit up Baskin Robbins on the way home for some bed dinner
Love potion 31-white chocolate and raspberry ice creams swirled with a raspberry ribbon and chocolate pieces.  I think it’s one of the better seasonal flavors at BR.

Then yesterday we did some important shopping.  We went to the plumbing store and got stuff to fix a broken toilet (the flusher handle didn’t flush!  It hasn’t worked since we moved in…), Costco for samples and a pound of spinach.

Oh, and I picked this up

What’s that?

Oh yeah my wedding dress!

I watched a big ol marathon of Say Yes to the Dress the other day.  All the brides take hours and then have to get them altered, and spend thousands of dollars.  I spent maybe an hour finding it.  It cost 249.  Only alteration I have to do is to add straps.  I’m not sure if this makes me an awesome bride or a terrible one.  But it’s done!


20 responses to “Say Yes

  1. I wish there were more beer samplers in nyc.
    Im mad at the buffalo wings for being camera shy.

    yay for wedding dresses! makes you a smart bride!

  2. i still have not developed a taste for beer :p
    you must be so excited 🙂

  3. Your wedding dress looks so pretty! That sounds like my kind of place – beer and cheese bread.

  4. Of course it makes you an awesome bride! Love the pretzel sticks, all that needs is some hummus or peanut butter.

  5. PLEASE SHOW US THE DRESS! pretty please 🙂

  6. When I come to Portland in the summer, we have to go to Hopworks. I need to try as many breweries as humanly possible methinks.

    I really think I need to move to Portland asap. If only for the beer, I’m sure my husband will agree.

    I forgot about love potion #31. DEAR GOD I need it. asap.

    I can’t wait to see dress pictures! I am really excited for you. (my dress was the 3rd dress I tried on. We are awesome brides.)

  7. I think you are teasing us with that wedding dress close up! congrats on such a great bargain…I don’t know why people spend 10s of thousands on a dress that’s gonna get stains on it…cake stains you perv! Mmm….olives and pizza breaddd

  8. Still LOVE the dress. LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it!!!

  9. Congrats on getting the dress. Mine only cost $499 and I gave it to the Goodwill when the wedding was over (well it sat at the bottom of a closet, dirty, until I finally donated it).

    That BR flavor is very similar to the one I once gained 11 lbs on one summer while discovering the internet and eating ice cream. I’m going to now have to erase the part of my brain that knows it exists.

  10. mmm pizza bread and pretzles….

    Your dress is gorgeous!!! I love the lace 🙂

  11. A brewery–you two are such a fun couple 🙂
    Those pretzels look… like they ate all the other pretzels for breakfast

  12. Those are not pretzels. I /refuse/ to call them pretzels unless they’re in a pretzel shape–rods are for suckers. I bet they’re just bread sticks that they left too long in the oven but didn’t have the heart to chuck them out. “It was, um, on purpose. Yeah! Look, they’re pretzels!”

  13. Congrats on the dress! It looks beautiful from what I see! My dress was the second one I tried on. Of course I was an ass and got the sample (they discontinued it) and got a good deal…bad news is that it had to be deconstructed to fit my ‘special’ proportions!

    Oh- and the olives and bread food stuff looks so good. I haven’t developed a taste for beer- when I visited Portland I never got my money’s worth!

  14. OMG wedding dress! Exciting!!

  15. we had love potion 31 for bed dinner last night!

  16. That is awesome that you found your dress – and for a SWEET price too!!!! Good work!!!!!

  17. livelaughloveandrun

    Congrats on the dress! That’s amazing that you found it so quickly. I can’t wait to see the picture of you in it!

  18. LOVE hopworks! there are so many fun/unique/organic brews in this city…

    i think the dress find makes you brilliant!

    mama pea had to remind me that i helped her shop for her wedding dress… clearly i’m so turned off by the whole try on a zillion dresses and oooh and awwww of the process that i’d blocked it out!

  19. YAY for the dress. I was the same exact way. In/out and the alterations were the easiest thing to do.

    Your restaurant find looks amazing. So many good eats and beer….who can beat it.

  20. That makes you awesome! That brewery looks so delish. I want beer now. But, I’m at work. Guess I’ll just have to break out the hidden bottle of Jack in my desk. Your dress looks pretty and intricate.

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