Catching Up

Hi Everyone!  It’s been way too long, I know.  I have about a million excuses… Tons of stuff around the house, losing my camera cord, teaching….And the fact that I’m supahhh lazy sometimes

We’ve been working hard on this:


Our almost finished fence!  We just need gates.  Cause right now?  Wouldn’t work so well to keep the doggie in.

We also have been doing a ton inside… We got this baby


A new bed! The fiance is 6’3″.  Our old bed was a full.  With a foot board.   That I guess doesn’t work so well?  We also upgraded from an IKEA mattress to a real one!  We’re adults now!  I mean, it has a box spring instead of slats and everything!

Of course, we’re not done with IKEA completely.  We also got this


Which is from IKEA.  I spent a long time fighting it yesterday.   I’m fairly sure hell is IKEA flat packs.

(Also, when the boxes-3 of em!-weigh over 200 pounds, and it says you should have two people assemble it?  That’s not a challenge to see if you can do it alone.  Someone needs to remind me of that next time)

But we’ve been eating lots too!

Pot roast


Burritos and taco salad


CAKE!  I was worried about overfilling my cupcake cake pan, so I made a baby cake with some of the batter.


With cream cheese frosting and ganache in the middle and on top.  Mmmm.

Peanut noodles


Which just may be the fiance’s favorite food.

About 8 million smoothies


(Seriously, I’m out of spinach, and I bought a pound on Saturday)

A breakfast cookie a la fitnessista


How awesome is that plate?  And by awesome,  I mean cheesy.  I couldn’t help but up the cheese factor.

Stroganoff with the leftover pot roast


If hell is IKEA flat packs, stroganoff is my heaven.  Sour cream + pasta.  Mmmm.

And see how my salad has no spinach?  I wasn’t kidding about being out.

For those of you who asked, my cupcake cake was made in this pan

Which you can find on amazon.   It was a Christmas present from the fiance.  I think it was also a hint to make him cake more often.

18 responses to “Catching Up

  1. I’ve always wanted one of those pans. However the top part of the cupcake, if it were for my hubby, would have to be all chocolate frosting. It’s sad, but true. He has a problem. Many a time I’ve caught him with a spoon, a container of frosting and a smile. Love the eats. Yummy!

  2. Why don’t we have IKEA here :-((( Ok, maybe a dorm with a full size dresser would be ridiculous, but I want it

  3. The peanut noodles look so good. I think you just inspired my lunch!


    Our bed is from there and we love it 🙂

    It must feel great to get things done around the house.

  5. I love that tv stand! We have one slighly similar but we really wanted that one but unfortunately it wouldn’t work in our tiny apartment.

    I love stroganoff too. It’s sooo good!

  6. cool furniture. i love putting stuff together.

    you can also get that cake mold from the As Seen On Tv Store or Bed Bath and Beyond (which is practically a ASOTS).

  7. Oh, we need to go to IKEA! Somebody in our house needs a big girl bed. And someone needs a bigger girl bed. I also want to buy six step stools for each room so the littler “big” girl will quit dragging the chairs from the table into the kitchen to climb up in the cupboard and steal prunes. Yes, my kids are weird.

  8. That is such a cool tv stand — I love all the shelves. I saw the cupcake commercial on tv the other day, super cool!

  9. I can’t decide whether you made me crave pot roast or peanut noodles. Peanut noodles with beef maybe?

  10. i heart taco salad!

    and i think you’re rubbing off on me b/c the costco tubs of spinach are disappearing in my house at an alarming rate!

    ummm are you getting a doggie?!?! what kind? when? from where?
    yes, i have issues!

  11. foodie overload! its not a good idea to look at food pics when you are hungry. 🙂

    lovely eats and yes i love the cheese factor… its the spice of life!

  12. You were missed! I was having withdrawals lol…

    Btw ever since your post, I have been craving a cupcake lol

  13. Congrats on the big kid mattress and the gorgey new bed frame!

  14. I LOVE Ikea! There’s one about 5 minutes from my house. Danger! Is your comforter also from Ikea? I saw a similar one there and LOVED it! So cute!

  15. Ahhhh, I thought it might have come from that pan!! I have seen that thing at Home Outfitters.

  16. I want pot roast NOWWWW. Delicious tender…just like your heart…shaped dish. BTW peanut noodles are one of my faves too…so sweeet but salty.

  17. I’ve been traumatized by spending over 2 hours in IKEA when we first bought our house and were looking for night stands. I refused to go back and those boxes scare me! They do have nice stuff though!

    Love all of the eats, especially the cake! I’m so looking forward to making my giant cupcake!

  18. Yes, yes, it’s been WAY too long!! Love that you’re back!
    Whoa, that pan is dang fascinating. I love interesting pans like that!

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