Negative Six Months

Thanks for the anniversary love!

Six months from today we’re getting married!  Crazy!

I’ve been kinda MIA lately… but here’s some of what my tummy has been enjoying…

Friday’s dinner was split pea soup
I burned lovingly blackened some ham on top for a little crunch.

I also lovingly blacked the fiance’s grilled cheese.  Whoops.

I kept it simple with just some spelt toast on the side

Saturday we sat down to a real breakfast

As you can see, I’m all about the lovingly blackened ham.  (I really am, no joke.)

Plus basically scalloped potatoes.  But made with hash browns.  So it was breakfast food.

Last night we had some terkyaki turkey, plus veggies and rice

I ended up ignoring the turkey and just going to town on the veggies.

And then I made probably one of the greatest things EVAHHH

Right now you’re going “ok Kalin, you made a cupcake.  So what?”

It’s a cupcake THE SIZE OF MY HEAD

A cupcake the size of my head WITH cream cheese frosting and edible gold sugar on top.

My life is pretty much complete now.


17 responses to “Negative Six Months

  1. That cupcake…. my oh my! Cut me a slice, won’t you? 😉

  2. you need a section on here for “foods the size of my head” you got your cupcake and margaritas already.

  3. A cup cake the size of your head!!!!! Sweeeeeeet!!!

  4. I have seen that cupcake pan at the store and my girls beg for me to buy it all the time. It looks so cool in pictures.

  5. I have one of those giant cupcake pans too, and have yet to use it. It looks so yummy!!

  6. How did you accomplish that cupcake feat!?

  7. Your lovingly blackened ham reminds me of the times we’ve made cracklings. Food of the gods.

    That is a beautiful head-sized cupcake. Well done!

  8. coolest cupcake EVER!!

  9. I am surprising my three year old nephew with one of those next weekend! I hope it’s the size of his torso at least!

    Love it!

  10. OMG. I saw those things at Target and on tv!! Is it moist all the way through?

  11. OMG, if you brought that cupcake and Baby Brother brought some clown cones, you’d be my girls favorite people forever. And I would not want to witness the hyperactive shenanigans that would go on.

  12. That cupcake turned out great! My friend tried to make it once and it did not look nearly that adorable!

  13. did you see that thing from the tv commercials to make that cupcake? it looks so good!

  14. Lynn at The Actors Diet

    that is a ginormous cupcake. yay!!!

  15. livelaughloveandrun

    That is a HUGE cupcake! Did you have a special pan for that?

    Oh MY!

    looks lovely!

    and lovely blakened lovlies

  17. That cupcake is so cute! I saw the mold at Target but was too cheap to buy it. I might have to go back now!!

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