Herding Kittens

Thanks for all the great feedback on the baking!  I’ll get recipes up for them soon-both the buns and the brownies are fab, and not too terribly difficult.  But awesome cause most people don’t make either from scratch.

Also awesome because chocolate is awesome.

I had a great day of small people yesterday.  I student taught kindergarten, which is good because otherwise I’d wonder if I was doing a terrible, terrible job when I taught them.  Cause at least half the day you feel like you’re herding kittens when you teach 5 year olds.

I got myself ready to face the small people with tea and spelt bread (with nana and pb on top!)

And I packed up a lunch.

There were cheese and whole grain ritz, apple slices, PB, a crack orange, salad with lentils and balsamic in the little container (so they didn’t get soggy) and a brownie

I try and pack some thing that are snackable so that if I’m starving partway through the day there are things I can quickly and discreetly chomp on.

The fiance isn’t feeling so hot, so we stopped for some of this on the way home

And when we got home I made old school chicken noodle soup

Chicken stock, chicken, carrots, celery, onion, peas, corn, pasta.  Like campbells.  Except the chicken isn’t quite as terrifying in this (i hate the meat in canned soup.  a lot)

(Wagon wheel pasta was his request)

And foodgasms for dessert

WW brownie, ice cream.  Pretty sure whole wheat makes it healthy.

I’d forgotten how good brownies are with ice cream.

How do you like your brownies?  I like mine plain or with ice cream, but not so much with frosting.


14 responses to “Herding Kittens

  1. Herding kittens – lol.

    Sorry fiance isn’t feeling well.

    I also really hate chicken in canned soups – would much rather add my own. I was really hating the chicken in a frozen entree the other night and then when I was loading it into my journal I found out it was soy chicken. Gag!

    Way to go throwing together chicken soup though! Nicely done.

  2. I don’t like mine with frosting either, and I just like them plain too!

  3. I like my brownies so rich and gooey that they don’t need frosting. Clotilde Dusoulier’s “luxury brownies” (http://chocolateandzucchini.com/archives/2009/01/brownies.php) are my go-to; I can’t even begin to describe how satisfying these are.

  4. I love fudgey brownies with vanilla ice cream. Especially if the brownie is hot! I can’t wait until you post your recipe. I have unsweetened cocoa and ww flour in my pantry that is dying to become brownies.

    Sorry about the fiance being sick. I always get jamba and chicken soup when I’m sick too. But wagon wheel pasta? That is a whole new ball game! I’ve got to step it up!

  5. You’re right, the meat in Campbells soups is terrifying. Sweet of you to make your fiance the good old homemade stuff!

  6. Brownies with ice cream are great, but frosting is just a little /too/ much indulgence, you know?

    I wish my lunch was that impressive. Today I brought ramen again. So lame. I really need to come up with better alternatives that are packable in five minutes or less.

  7. Brownies with frosting? I never heard of that before…I am like you, either plain or with ice cream!

  8. I like my brownies with frosting and no nuts! So Gigi was way smarter and cuter than those 5 year olds, huh?

  9. Do people make brownies with frosting? That just seems wrong. I like them plain, no walnuts please. Also really good is when they have fruit jam on top, like chocolate raspberry. Crap now I want to make those(whole wheat of course because then it’s healthy ;-))

  10. NO NUTS! that’s my only real request with brownies… and it goes for cookies too!


    (clearly i’m passionate about my desserts being sans nuts!)

    and for my daily dose of randomness… you’re a member at the community center, right?

  11. I f*cking love my brownies with icecream, whip cream, and chocolate syrup. I put my face in it and pray that I die that way. I might bake tomorrow…MIGHT!

  12. When it comes to brownies, I only have one requirement – moist!

  13. Hope your love feels better soon!

    I don’t like brownies. They’re too rich and sweet and chocolatey for me. I realize that’s precisely the reason why people like them, but it turns me off!

  14. Canned soup is evil. You’re right, chocolate is awesome.

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