Off to see my Friends!

I’m teaching kindergarten the next three days thanks to my secretary friend!

Yesterday I made good use of my day off and got a ton done.  We bought a new bed that was delivered, had a contractor come see about fixing some drainage issues we have in the yard ($1600.  Lame.  Being an adult is expensive!), cleaned, and made brownies and hamburger buns.

I ate in there too of course.

Breakfast was green oats because I wanted warmth and spinach.

What?  That’s not what you crave in the morning?

Lunch was quinoa mixed with some French lentils, corn, and (shocking) spinach.  With sour cream, salsa, and avocado on top.

I tend to either cook or open a can of beans most week to add to salads and things-the french lentils are me mixing it up.

You know you’re old when cooking lentils is your idea of “mixing it up”

For dinner I finally used the grill that is on our stove!

It works!

Homemade WW bun for the burger, plus sweet potato fries I made in the oven


Oh and the brownies I made?

Whole wheat.  Less fat.  And amazinnnnng.

Whole wheat means they’re good for me, right?


12 responses to “Off to see my Friends!

  1. Whole wheat?? They look amazing!

  2. Making your own hamburger buns sounds awesome!

  3. Yes whole wheat means they are delicious and good! Guilt-free even.

    Congrats on working 3 days. I was hoping I’d get a phone call today but alas, I did not. I am actually going balls to the wall today and applying for substitute teaching jobs. Because I am desperate for money. Because you are right, being an adult is FREAKING expensive!

    ps. people who eat burgers and sweet potato fries are awesome.

  4. Whole wheat means you can have extra. How do you make spinach oats?

  5. Grill on a stove? It sounds awesome, but is it difficult to clean? I’d love to have the same setup, but not if I have to lift the top off and scrub underneathe to get the drippings. Laziness bullies the awesome every time.

  6. look at you…ms. domestic goddess.

    oh yes whole wheat healthifies EVERYTHING. dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

  7. it seems you and i could talk and/or whine about being an adult with home responsibilities for hours…

    you should have seen me trying to figure out ANGLES for cutting molding… i knew my loathing of geometry would bite me in the ass one day…

  8. I’m so impressed with your homemade burger buns. I need to talk the bf into making things like that. 😉

  9. HAHA that is EXACTLY what WW means! lol (in my world)

    Your secretary friend is hooking you up!

  10. Look at you getting all crazy with the lentils!

    Your meals look YUMMY!!!!

  11. I’m LOVING the semi healthy you…didn’t think I’d notice? Well…i notice. EVERY.THING.

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