What I Have Planned

Thanks for all the wedding feedback!

I’m glad you guys liked my venue-I didn’t mention that in addition to being pretty, and in the park, it has two more bonuses:  it’s seriously a fifth of the price of some other venues, AND it’s right next to a hotel (where we’ve booked a block of rooms) so that our guests can *ahem* reallllly enjoy themselves.

I had decided after we booked a venue that I would ignore all the other planning until after Christmas.  Which means now it’s go time!

At the bridal show I found a place that has a great deal on veils, so once I have a dress, I’m going to them (we’re talking, cheaper than you could make a veil sorta prices)

So that’s one (little) thing that gets a checkmark.

There are like two big catering places in my hometown… So really I may just flip a coin there.  We’ve got some vegetarians, so I wanna make sure that we have meals they can enjoy.  That’s as much thought as I’ve given to food.

Cake on the other hand, I’m torn… Cupcakes make me happy.  I got proposed to with cupcakes.  There are few things that make me happier than a mini cupcake with cream cheese frosting.  But there are some prettttty cakes.  Cakes Be We had some pretty ones-I love the scroll-y designs

And another vendor (I have their card, but I forget the name…) had these pretty ones with the drape-y fondant

Can I have cupcakes AND cake?

Maybe instead of dinner?  I’d rather plan cake.

The biggest thing I’m worried about is the dress.  I want a dress that isn’t sleeveless (those are not so cute on me… and I’m kinda, you know, lacking large enough assets to hold one up well too).  And I really like lace overlays.  Turns out those requirements eliminate like 98% of dresses.  This one is kinda what I’d like

It’s from David’s Bridal.  I’m worried if I try it on I’ll hate it and be sad.

We have no colors yet.  And it’s kinda my fault.  See, my dad wore a suit, not a tux, at his wedding.  And I told my fiance that.  Which made him realize he could get a new suit for our wedding.  It makes him happy, so I’m down for it.  But then he and his groomsmen decided they want some sweet J Crew ties

But they’ve not had “good colors” lately I’ve been told, so now they’re emailing each other some Brooks Brothers ones.

No joke, they email each other pictures of ties.

When they manage to pick a tie we’ll have some colors (I’m doing bridesmaids in black, flower girls in white, so that part was easssssy).

And our first dance is going to be to this

Married folks-what was your first dance?  And non married people, do you have one picked out?  We had a long long joke about this being our first dance

And now that I’ve said that Baby Brother is going to play this song at my wedding.


22 responses to “What I Have Planned

  1. i love the drapey cake. ian wont decide on what he wants but he doesnt want a traditional cake, but he cant describe what he’s picturing…i picture a disaster…

    OMG woman, that same exact dress is one i tore out of a magazine that i really liked! hey maybe ill borrow yours 😉 i love the lace detail on that. we went to spokane to look for their Davids bridal but completely failed…it was gone…

    im trying to convince ian that we should totally surprise people at our wedding and do some rad choreographed dance, maybe Bust A Move? lol. im still working on it.

    our colors are still in the works but I managed to get the brown in and its a toss up between turquoise and baby blue…

    whens your wedding date?

  2. I was at a wedding that had a small cake with cupcakes around it! I think you can definitely do both.

    I love cupcakes, too. I had cupcakes at my shower, cake at my wedding. Really, the cupcakes were too expensive to have for the wedding, thats why I went with cake!

  3. 1. Have tastings with both caterers if you can. That’s pretty standard and they should have no problem accomodating you (if they do, then you should be worried).

    2. I think that wedding dress is beautiful! You really do have to try them ALL on, because you may be amazingly surprised by which one looks/feels the best.

    3. I think wedding cakes are ridiculously over-priced. Again, taste samples. I don’t think cupcake trees have been overdone. Then you could also go with the black & white theme.

    My best friend, who’s now on Broadway, sang “At Last” to us with the band, and it was one of the most perfect moments of my life.

  4. I would totally first dance to taylor swift(because, in my dream wedding, she would be the bride)
    I think you should have a ton of cupcakes on a tier, but have the top teir be a tiny, 1-layer cake that’s really well decorated, and that can be the part that you freeze to take out on your 1 year anniversary

  5. 1. I love that veil!!! I was nuts and had two veils. A regular veil and a birdcage veil. I am insane. I didn’t even want a veil at first!

    2. We had tons of leftover cake. And it was awesome. I wish I had done cupcakes though. It could be so damn cute!

    3. I had a sleeveless dress and ended up hating it. My boobs looked like they were attempting to escape my body. By the end of the night, I was practically flashing everyone. Not a pretty sight. I wish I had practicing dancing in a dress beforehand! That said, I really like the dress you linked to. And am sad that I can’t get married again and have a dress like that! Blah.

    4. our first dance was to Jimmy Eat World’s- For me this is heaven.

  6. I LOVE that dress. Just gorgeous. Did you know there is a David’s Bridal exactly 1 mile from my house? Sounds like a date!

    On the girls’ birthday, we always have cake and cupcakes, and I always “frame” the cake with cupcakes. I definitely think you can do both!

    Your comments on this one are cracking me up.

    cupcakes > cake, BUT you havvvve to have a cake at a wedding. its a rule.

    and um, i already bought all the t swift cds to play at your wedding (even the christmas one). i thought that was the only music we were playing there?

  8. We had cupcakes and a Gator groom’s cake…definitely do both!! 🙂

    My husband and his groomsman got ties from Vineyard Vines- navy with tiny turquiose dragonflies because the restaurant where we had our first day is called Dragonfly. (They just looked like a pattern from far away).

    I want to plan another wedding. Oh, and we didn’t do a dance. I know, shocking. But the thought of dancing in front of people after already standing in front of them for the ceremony absolutely mortified me. (I give presentations pretty much daily as part of my job, but could not dance in front of my favorite people, weird, I know). I walked down the aisle to Ashoken farewell, which is super meaingful music to us.

  9. Love Pink Martini! I found your blog recently and looked through your archives a bit, fell in love with baby brother, and basically read all entries tagged with him. Does that make me a creeper. Probably. Don’t care! Your vlogs with him are adorable!

  10. Our first dance was to “Feels Like Home” by Chantel Kreviasuk.

  11. You are an awesome bride for making sure that your guests can stumble from the venue to their hotel rooms. That’s key to a good wedding. 😉 And I agree with many other commenters – cupcakes and cake! Don’t choose!

  12. You can absolutely have your cake and cupcakes too. You only get one wedding day, make it everything you want.

  13. I say do both cupcakes and cake. It is your day so why not?

    We has black bridesmaid dresses. It was so elegant. You just made me miss wedding planning for a brief second 🙂

  14. so i’m not a psycho girlfriend or anything…or maybe yes but I always envisioned getting a big ass cake and then for guests having a little cupcake station where they can top their cupcakes with any toppings they want and take it home in a keepsake to go box…okay I’m crazy. I’m excited about all your planning! Cause we are…you know…blog bffs.

  15. tell me what you think YOOO!

  16. That is such a pretty dress! I am sure you will look amazing in it!

  17. I love your blog! Wedding planning is so much fun. I had to plan mine in six weeks, so I didn’t get to relish in all the plans.

    You can totally have cake and cupcakes-do a small cutting cake on top of a cupcake tower full of beautiful little cuppies 🙂

    Oh and our dance was “True Companion” by Marc Cohn.

  18. I love the dress. It will look beauteous on you! I actually thought I would go with something like it but I ended up in a strapless dress instead- who knew? I guess the best advice is to try them all on, no matter how frieken painful it could be!

    We had cake, a candy bar, and tons of assorted dessert displays. I like sugar. That’s all.

    Our first dance some was Jason Mraz’s “Lucky” because it’s the only song that didn’t make either of us make funny faces. We also asked all the guests to join us halfway through to take the spotlight off of us.

  19. so exciting! I love teh cake it looks equally delicious and geogeous! that dress is so pretty! have you ever watched ‘say yes to the dress; there are some great dress ideas there and you can go to teh website and look at them too!!

  20. you can definitely have cupcakes + cake! 🙂 I think that would be cute.

  21. Hello!

    I live in Portland and planned/executed my wedding in the summer of 2008. We had an average budget but I was determined to find the BEST deals on what I really wanted. Here are a couple of pointers that would have been nice to know when I was at your stage of planning.

    1) Weddings that have a strong vibe of who the bride and groom are, are always the BEST. Don’t hesitate to add personal touches because they may not be the most traditional.

    2) I strongly recommend going dress shopping and trying on what the consultants recommend. I would have NEVER of picked out my dress off the rack. Going into it I had a totally different idea of what I wanted but at the end of day my vision didn’t line up with reality so I went with something totally different. You should try Ana’s in Lake Oswego, Bridal Exclusives in Clackamas, and Tower Bridal. For Couture obviously Anias and Divine Design.

    3) Is there a Lambs Thriftway in the Tri-Cities? They did my cake and it came out so beautiful and delicious. They seriously do high quality work for a fraction of the price. If you were willing (or a good friend?) to transport the cake you could always go taste at the one in Garden Home or Willsonville.

    4)As far as flowers, I did all of my bridesmaid bouquets and bought mine. My color theme was “jewel tones” rich bold colors. So I bought dozens of different colored roses from Costco and they turned out gorgeous and professional looking. Again, high quality for a fraction of the price!

    Hope some of that helps or gives you ideas:)

    Happy planning!


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