Wedding Plans

I’ll write a real full post tomorrow but the bridal show was fun!

We have lots of planning ahead of us!  So far we have the church (plus someone to marry us), a reception site, and a block of hotel rooms.  Which means we still have cake, my dress, flowers, photography, and about a million more things to come!

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by it all-I have no grand vision of what my wedding should be, and it makes figuring out details hard!   The only thing I’ve ever planned far ahead of time was wanting to have it at the community center, which is where it’s going to be.

(Thank you City of Richland for having pictures on your website!)  The community center looks out into the park and the river, and has giant windows, and a high ceiling.  It’s pretty simple, but it’s also pretty.

So, single ladies, do you have any plans for your future weddings?  And married ladies, if you’ve done a wedding recap, you should pretty please remind me so I can look at it-I need some ideas!


21 responses to “Wedding Plans

  1. I’ll help you! I loved planning my wedding. Finding a dress was another matter….
    Your venue looks gorgeous!

  2. I’m in event planning and was a bit of a control freak over my wedding (and we had a coordinator from the site itself). My husband had models of the limos to help with planning, and we still left his parents stranded with no ride back. There are just some things you can’t plan for (that are usually after the ceremony). If I had to do it again, I would visit with guests more, wear comfier shoes, and have my make-up bag closer.



  4. Uh, Pea Daddy planned our whole wedding except my dress. I’m not lying. I was working like 60 hours a week at my crazy law job, so we ended up with a deejay with a ponytail playing the Remington Steele theme song. Killer.

  5. I planned a wedding while being in school full time and working a psychotic job. My best advice is to do what you like, have plenty of booze and food and have fun! I did recaps and have so much stuff leftover. Let me know if you need any help or extra random stuff!

  6. Relax and enjoy planning! I never found it stressful and it only happens once. Hopefully…

  7. my wedding plan included you…alas…it can not be. Hope you had fun at the bridal expo thing..I love going to those…with friends….hahah

  8. The community center is soo pretty!!! I’ve never done a recap, but I should. I have pictures posted under my “pictures” heading. The girl who designed my invites is actually in Portland…let me know if you want her contact info.

  9. I was on constantly searching for ideas. it actually helped us tons!

  10. Gosh, I’ve never thought about all the stuff entailed in a wedding. Sweetie and I were actually thinking about changing our minds about marriage when we saw some awesome cakes yesterday (, but now you’ve gone and reminded me that a wedding is supposed to be more than just cake.

    Why not, though? I’m thinking we’ll go down to City Hall, then put a cake or two on the porch in his mom’s giant wooded backyard (because there’s no way we could afford to rent an actual room and put actual decorations in it). I’ll bring the boom box for dancing and Dad can grill up some franks (hey, it’s my wedding; I’ll splurge a little). Sounds like a good time to me.

  11. wow, nice venue. my mind is running a million different ways with wedding planning too. i cant believe it’ll be next year.

  12. Pretty venue spot!
    Wedding planning can be a nightmare without a vision and organization.
    I suggest trolling thru magazines and tearing out the pages of things you like…flower colors, dress colors, table decor, views, ceremony spacing, etc. Then organize into a binder and start getting a feel for YOUR vision.


  13. I hope your brother decorates your cake! That’d be awesome

  14. you must be so excited!

  15. Oh I love hearing about wedding planning!!!

  16. Oh the joy of wedding planning! I haven’t done it yet, but have seen and helped a few of my friends with theirs. You can decide how stressful it will be–the friends that went crazy and freaked over everything had a REALLY hard time and felt incredibly overwhelme. The others who chose to remain calm and enjoy the process really truly did.

  17. i’m not married and never have been… but i’ve been a flower girl no less than 10 times (no i’m not kidding) and a bridesmaid many times (i probably planned more of mama pea’s wedding than she did haha)

    i have ONE bit of advice… PHOTOGRAPHY, in my humble opinion, is THE most important part. the photos are what you’ll have when it’s all said and done. don’t skimp on the photographer… think about whether you want traditional photos (posed, guys on right, girls on left lined up sort of thing), or more artistic photos (like candids and natural interaction/moments pose)… do your research, meet the photogs and pick the one you trust understands you and what you want, well, and one that takes gorgeous photos =)

  18. I LIKE EVAN’S IDEA! i could make a bomb cake. do i get to make a br wedding cake for the rehearsal dinner?!

  19. Oooooh I love weddings!!

    If you have any random questions or anything I would be happy to help!! I am a certified wedding coordinator and consultant 🙂

  20. I don’t think I have been married, yeah pretty sure I have not. That said, I really like your venue and I would support a campaign to implement both cupcakes & cake into your wedding. I think there is alot of symbolism in that and when I figure out just what that is, I will let you know:)

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