Thank you Baby Brother

The peanut butter yogurt cured me last night, and I was able to make us some dinner.

You’ll never guess who got which side of this pizza will you?

Onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and turkey pepperoni on my half.  Turkey pep and sausage on the fiance’s half.

I should point out that darlin’ Baby Brother got me a pizza pan and a pizza cutter for Christmas.  (I mostly should point it out so I don’t get seven comments from him of “GOSH WHO BOUGHT YOU THAT LOSERFACE!”)

So thanks Baby Brother!

Had my pizza

Plus salad

The fiance loveddd the crust.  I put in like 3/4 c of white flour when I made the dough. White flour makes the man happy.  Compromises are good in life.

Today the fiance is working from home, so I got to sleep in (and had another crazy dream, but at least I got an extra hour of sleep!).  And I busted out the immersion blender today and made this


(Btw the brownish tinge to soymilk is always a little gross when I see it on it’s own, isn’t it?)

Which means I could have a foamy chai latte.


What do you get on pizza?  The fiance has told me as a child he didn’t even like pepperoni pizza-which I thought every child loves


13 responses to “Thank you Baby Brother

  1. I don’t like pepperoni! But I do think I liked it as a kid … I usually just get LOTS of cheese. Surprising, I know.

  2. baby brother has great present-giving talent…

    we usually buy the redi-made pizza at safeway then i load my side with a TON of veggies. what recipe did you use for your crust? ive made several and still havent found one i like.

  3. Gigi just announced that she better be able to get pineapple pizza at WF’s today! None of us have ever liked pepperoni (even before we were veg). I think you are texting me RIGHT. NOW.

  4. I always get veggie pizza because I don’t think that meat adds anything to pizza, and the veggies make it so flavourful.

    I love black olives, tomatoes, onion, and pineapples on pizza the most.

  5. Nah, I don’t like pepperoni either. Never did.

    I put on all the veggies. Or pineapple if I can sneak it past my husband. Unlikely.

  6. I didn’t like pepperoni as a child, either. Not because I didn’t like the taste, but because it was so dang hared to chew through. I would try to take a bite with my six-year-old-sized-mouth and the whole thing would come off, along with all the cheese! So aggravating. Now I like pepperoni, but that’s because I can’t eat mozzerella anymore and make it cheese-less; I also like pineapple, olives, mushrooms, and bell peppers. They would hate me in New York.

  7. Seriously? You’re making me drool. Not good with electronics nearby…

  8. im in the no pepperoni boat too! never eat it now, and when i was little, i wouldnt even pick it off and then eat the pizza because i was convinced that i could still taste the flavor of it!

    now i like lots of veggies and herbs…mushrooms, spinach, red onion, red pepper, basil, rosemary are some of my faves!

  9. I loved pepperoni when I was a kid- it was awesome and perfectly salty! I think I also liked pineapple.

    Now I rarely eat pizza (a tragedy, but we aren’t too into it) and I love loading it with ridiculous amounts of veggies.

    Thank you for the picture comment! It’s one of my favorites and the dysfunctional family pictures are the absolute best!

  10. I never cared for peporoni at all. Hawaiian all the way

  11. I love pizza. LIke ANY topping. I usually get full on veggie loaded kinds ya know…for the fiber.


    and um PEPPERONI. duhhhh!
    its the best. like seriously, pizza hut pepperoni pan pizza, best thing ever. black olives are ok too.

    and right now pizza hut, any size, and crust, any topping, $10!

  13. When I want to behave, I just get veggies on it but sometimes I want EVERYTHING on it lol

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