Play Date

Breakfast today was a throw back to my favorite thing in college:

It’s a scramble-ish thing with jussst enough egg to hold together whatever veggies and protein i had on hand.  In this case chicken, a ton of spinach, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and olives.  One egg.  Just enough where I can call it a scramble and not “crap I threw in a pan”.  Scramble sounds nicer.

I had a playdate with Mama Pea and her darling girls today.

We hit up Whole Foods for some salad by the pound

That hummus gave us some sexy breath too.

We went to Borders where I got a planner and the girls picked out a Max and Ruby book and a Ballerina book.  Mama Pea asked me sarcastically if I could guess who was getting what book.  And Gigi earnestly exclaimed “I’ll tell you!  The ballet one is for me!”

Someday, when she discovers sarcasm, her world is going to shatter a little.

Lulu read us her book.  “Max is picking berries.  Max is picking berries”

(We have no idea what’s up with that face)

And Gigi smiled pretty

I’m sure Mama Pea will have some more pictures of her girls up later tonight.  There are only so many pictures I can take of other people’s children before I feel like I’m a big creep.  Two pictures = I’m only a little creepy

I found a planner that met all my planning needs today.  But this was the cover

Mom’s Plan It.  Yeah.

I fixed it

Muchhhh less redic.

Do you use a planner?  I cannot organize my life using a computer calendar.  I’ve tried many times.  I gotta write things down.


16 responses to “Play Date

  1. I would love to have a playdate with those adorable girls! 🙂

  2. I could not live without my planner. It is open on my desk in front of my computer at all times. I keep track of my life with it. That is one item I buy every year on boxing day – a planner for 1/2 off.

  3. I should write on a post it note to myself to put it on my internet planner to buy a real life planner because none of those work for me so far.
    And I totally remember Maxx, not picking berries though, must have missed that adventure

  4. I use my cell phone to keep everything in order but I do keep a journal to write down my eats and workouts lol

  5. I have been wondering what the formula on pictures of kids is. Good to know it’s two. Lulu and Gigi are super cute!

    I totally had a whole foods salad today too. YUM

  6. organizer smorganizer…..i wish i could. honestly, all that would be written on there is WORK 8-5, COOK 6-9, SLEEP 9:01-indefinitely…

  7. I have no idea how I keep myself organized. I’m a total kiddie picture poster and definitely beat the quota of 2 today!

  8. Hm. I have my fabulous brain, I need no planner! Hahahaha! NOT. This is why I make sooo many mistakes. Oh dear.

    Aw, how nice to be able to meet Mama Pea and her adorable peas regularly!

  9. I use both… I like to put some stuff on my google calender and some stuff on a planner that I can write in.

  10. i used planners religiously in college. btw i take pics of random stranger babies..that’s creepy.

  11. I use my iPhone. Without it I would totally forget to go to work. However, I have been known to put post-it notes on my iPhone. Yes. I have a problem. Your planner is darn cute.

  12. i have to write things down, too! I don’t know what it is, but I need to have some things on paper.

  13. I’m a Day Runner girl and have been for years. It drives my husband nuts and I needed weekly shoulder massages from carrying my honkin’ book in my purse. Now I carry it separately. I lost it in Grand Central Station once and someone turned it in to Lost and Found. Happiest day of my life after my wedding day.

  14. I HAVE to write things down or I will forget them immediately!! lol

  15. I love how you recovered the planner! You are so creative. I would never think to do that… instead, I’d just not buy it in favor of some less-perfect-yet-better-covered planner! 😉

  16. i took and posted a photo of gigi eating off the floor… so i’m creepy AND mean! haha

    pea playdates are the best!

    i can’t keep a calendar on the computer or in tangible form… can you do it for me??

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