Yesterday I had great plans to go to the gym after work… I packed clothes, shoes, water….

And forgot to eat lunch.

Or bring a snack.

(I also didn’t realize I’d failed at eating until 4:30 when I was mysteriously snacky and battling a raging headache.  Smart lady I am.  I really and truly thought I was just being super lazy)

I had one of these

Baby ice cream sandwich.  Mmmm.

Because ice cream cures headaches.  It’s science.  Plus half a banana and some popcorn.

Dinner was one of my favorite lazy meals-mexican!  It’s a meal where we generally have most of the stuff in the house, and requires minimal effort on my part.

We had quesadillas (mine with black beans, the fiance’s with chicken)

Plus salad

There’s avocado, quinoa, black beans, olives, sour cream, and salsa on there.

And then we went to bed at like 9. Lazzzzy

And now it’s 10 am and I’m in bed, in jammies.

I did manage to make some breakfast

And I’m trying to make a meal plan for next week so I can go to the store.

Do you meal plan?  I’m all about it, but some days I cannot for the life of me think of anything to put on it.  I just stare at my open email (I send ’em to the fiance) for an hourrrrrr


7 responses to “Lazy

  1. I get far too many random cravings to be a good meal planner. Last night all I wanted after dinner was white meat chicken and we almost bought some and now it’s completely unappealing.

  2. I am sitting here wondering why I am so hungry and hit me “mari you didn’t eat lunch yet” lol….now I am starving and need something now now now! thank god for my pot of beans and rice…which btw I wish it was inside a quesadilla, thanks to you lol

  3. I love your “lazy” mexi meal! Who doesn’t like a cheesy quesadilla?! 😀

    Oh and Ice Cream is the best medicine ever made! haha

  4. didnt eat lunch? i thought that was a myth or thing that only men could do! LOL! or maybe it’s just me staring at the clock, counting down the minutes til noon 🙂

  5. I meal plan once a week, and then pick whatever sounds good when it’s time to start cooking!

  6. Quesadillas are definitely a go to meal at my house.

  7. I try to meal plan … but things don’t always go as planned. The hubby and I usually write out what we will make for supper each night of the week … and try our best to stick to it.

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