And lazier

I haven’t been sleeping too well lately

(I go through this periods where I have really vivid dreams and wake up EXHAUSTED, before the alarm.  And can’t get back to sleep.  Super.)

So I’ve been dragging alllll day.  Dragging like I’m still in pj pants.


I managed to scrounge together some lunch

Some of the bread I made last week, with cheddar cheese (true story:  we had a block of cheese, and we had shredded.  The block would involve cutting and I was lazy, so I used shredded.  That’s really not the best idea when you’re making grilled cheese)

Soup from two days ago (sweet potato, squash, and carrot)

Which was wonderful.

Then, in a moment of brilliance, I made this

What is it?  Peanut butter, blended into the last of the yogurt.

I then put it in the freezer and (after 3 hours of attempted napping and about 45 minutes of sleeping) I had this


(Nancy’s yogurt is my bestie btw.  Love it)

And the nap + peanut butter + yogurt?  Much happier girl now.

Might even put on some pants!

Do you remember your dreams?  I go through phases where I don’t, and then I’ll have weeks on end where every morning I can tell you everything from my dreams.


11 responses to “And lazier

  1. Peanut butter and yogurt all mushied together in the freezer?! You, without a doubt, are brilliant. That sounds delicious.

    If only I had some pb!

  2. Nancy makes the best yogurt. YUM!

  3. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t – I agree, it’s weird!!!

  4. I remember all my dreams, though I definitely don’t dream every night.
    I think it’s going around, because I was super lazy too today. Can we say it’s something like the swine flu as an excuse?

  5. I was JUST discussing the dream topic with my friend tonight…I was sleeping wonderfully a few months back and then BAM, all of a sudden I’m waking up a few times a night, and remember all of my dreams the next morning. And oftentimes, the dreams are scary…not fun!! So I feel ya girl. That PB/yogurt combo looks yummy! 🙂

  6. Wow, that homemade frozen yogurt would rule my entire life.

    I have crazy dreams all the time. The most recent dreams star people I work with or authors we work with in my social situations. So strange!

  7. at least your day ended on a high note 🙂

    yeah i have dreams like that. so vivid then when i wake up i cant even recall it.

  8. It’s so strange when you can’t remember a dream, but throughout the day you get little snipits of it.

    I love your peanut butter creation 🙂

  9. I see you are enjoying your christmas present…i’ve never done that to yogurt before…like freeze it….i’m also an idiot.

  10. ahh dreams yes! like this morning I remember them clearly but some nights I forget EVERYTHING!

  11. That’s too bad that you haven’t been sleeping well – I went through a stage like that a few months ago … it is the worst! I hope you start sleeping better soon 🙂

    Your yogurt looks yummmy! Great idea!

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