Run the School

So, remember how I made friends with the secretary a while back?

Turns out we’re besties and she just called me to work this afternoon, AND three days next week.  Score! Friends who run the school are a good good thing

Now I can buy new shoes groceries!

Last night we had chili for dinner.  I put mine on a salad.

The fiance judged.  Really, he’s seen me eat crazier things I’m sure.

We were going to the gym after dinner, so I had a little bread too

Mmm carbs.

At the gym I went to yoga while the fiance watched football (and allegedly did some sort of exercise?  I think he just wanted to watch football in peace)

The yoga teacher was  sick.  So we were taught by the belly dancing teacher.  It was… interesting.  Not bad, but just not quite yoga.

What was bad?

BOTH people in front of me had pants that showed off their cracks.  Wayyyyy more than I needed to see.

Yogurt + Fruit when I got home

There’s yogurt hiding in there.  And a little bit of banana.

After talking to my secretary friend I realized I have no idea if I’ll be getting to the class before, during, or after lunch.  So I made myself a breakfast that’d tide me over

Some of the leftover chili in an omelet.  Which spinach.  Spinach is the little black dress of my eating habits.  It goes with everything.

What’s a gym pet peeve you have?  Mine is clearly when people’s pants don’t stay on.  And when they have their ipod soooo loud I can hear it on the machine next to them.


16 responses to “Run the School

  1. OMG – so many gym pet peeves. When people wear JEANS. People that talk and don’t work out. Poeple that hog machines. Ugh..I’ve seen it all!

  2. Yea- people in non workout cloths bug me…

  3. When people wear sandals, or when they sweat their asses off and don’t wipe the machines when they’re done. ew

  4. I hate when people just stand around the gym talking for hours. Who does that?

    Also you have given me a fantastic idea. I am totally gonna sweet talk the secretary at the school I’m going to be working at. (I’m going to be a substitute instructional aide so it pays next to nothing.)

  5. I’ve put soup and chili over salad…or squash. I deem it totally normal!

    I’m heading to yoga tonight – hope it’s crack-free. Remember, crack is whack.

  6. Oh you would hate me because I am always blasting my itouch…people always roll their eyes at me on the train lol…blah we all need a little bit of Michael Bublè in our lives lol. They SHOULD be thanking me lol

  7. I hate hearing grunting from people lifting weight. We get it. It’s tough. Now keep quiet.
    Congrats on making friends in high places! Always a good thing

  8. ah, yoga crack is never good! 🙂

  9. Like I always say…people, just say no to crack. 😦


  10. The only gym I’ve been to is the one on campus for students (and that was just a couple of times before the godsend apartment treadmill). The absolute worst distractor was the ubiquitous FLIRTING. Girls in full makeup and short shorts taking up track lanes while they make eyes at the guys playing basketball, boys with no shirts showing off on the weight machines while they look over passing females like cattle, and they were always looking at me like, “What’s that weird four-eyes in ugly high school PE shorts doing here alone”? Well, gee, I don’t know, maybe actually /exercising/?

  11. I second Tamara on the egregious flirting in university gyms. It is a place to work out, not to make out, ok kids?

  12. Among other issues, I hate it when there are a ton of empty tradmills/ellipticals/whatever, and someone has to use the one right next to me.

    I hope aside form the secretary friend, you had a rather “friend”-less day!

  13. i want chili in my BELLY. Gym pet peeve when someone is on their cellphone while working out. RUDEEEEEEEE. Or if they keep staring at me…CREEEPPYYY

  14. belly dancing teacher? Haha! I would love to be in that class.

    I hate “perfect” looking girls who hardly break a sweat and wear a ton of perfume and make-up to the gym. Major pet peeve!

  15. Oh gym crack! I also hate gym cleavage- cover it up 60-year-old lady! Nobody wants to see it!

    I also hate the workout networks of big groups of people who stand around, people who want to ‘talk to me’ while I’m trying to sweat, and people who stalk my machines- back off!

    I love spinach is your little black dress 🙂

  16. I don’t have any gym pet peeves – but I haven’t been in a while. Eeek.

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