Snack attack

There’s a HUGE problem in my house right now.

I am OUT of spinach.


I have no idea what I’ll eat.

Yesterday’s breakfast was an omelet with spinach, onions, black beans, and avocado and sour cream on top

Then my cousin’s family came over so that the men could work on the fence.  It’s resembling a fence now!

It’s rather corral-like at the moment.  Which I’m pretty sure means I’m getting a pony!

Unpictured lunch of pizza and a gigantic salad.  More spinach in my tummy.

After my cousin’s family left, I got suppppper snacky.

First I had corn, black beans, onions, sour cream, and avocado

But Very Hungry Caterpillar style, I was stilllll hungry

So then it was sliced banana with chocolate

And honestly, I could’ve eaten more, but I knew the last bit of spinach was waiting for me at dinner.  Needed to save room.

Dinner was pot pie plus another big ol’ salad

apples, walnuts, olives, and other delicious things on there.  Romaine added in because there was hardly any spinach left.

And, after dinner I was stillllll snacky, so I made this

Popcorn + mini chocolate chips.

Sooooo good.  Sweet + salty = happy.

Now I’m off to kill time till Costco opens so I can hook myself up with another pound of baby spinach.


13 responses to “Snack attack

  1. Hope you get your spinach, Popeye!
    Mini chocolate chips make everything more fun. Trader Joe’s needs to get on that

  2. I am being 100% serious when I tell you that I am also Costco stalking this morning for spinach. And if a 1 lb. tub of Sabra makes it’s way into my cart, so be it.

  3. Yuuuums I want some chicken pot pie but not the healthy ones ha

  4. I also get a little nervy when out of all greens in general. The balance in the IWITW household definitely shifts negative, lol.

  5. I love buying spinach (and all fruits and veggies) at Costco too. They have such great deals on bulk.

  6. Chicken pot pie is my favorite comfort food ever!

  7. Oddly, I’ve never liked chicken pot pie. Maybe it’s because I hate wet crust, or any carb in combination with wet things. I’ve never been one to put crackers in soup or dip bread in oil, and I /hate/ the bottom crusts of pies. I also like to keep my meat separate from my veggies. I may be strange, but I just can’t taste the carrot if the chicken and bread are fighting for dominance in my mouth.

  8. That omelet is making me hungry. It looks fabulous!

    I need avocados like you need spinach!

  9. Haha I’m the same way about spinach…if I don’t have it I get really antsy. I don’t know why…it’s a mind thing!

  10. I am out of spinach. It’s tragic. I have solved a butternut squash and brussels sprouts shortage, but my loot will only last me a day. Sigh.

  11. Can we be food BFFs forever and ever? I just bought a huge a$$ thing of spinach before I read this.

  12. Popcorn and mini chocolate chips hey …. hmmmmm, I’m not so sure about that one 🙂 I guess I could give it a try.

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