I’m not a big one for New Years resolutions.

Well, sometimes I make realllly sarcastic ones (“i’m going to sing allll the way down from 99 bottles of pop on the wall!” style).  But real ones?  Not so much.  I’m trying really hard to take my vitamins.  That’s as good as I get.

But one thing I HAVE been working on for a month or so now and hadn’t mentioned is that I’m trying to bake something every week.

Sometimes it’s things for meals.  Last week, I made hamburger buns, and bread.  Other times it’s sweet treats like Christmas cookies, sugar cookies, and pumpkin bread.   The big goal is that I bake at least once.  It makes me happy, and it makes the fiance happy.

This week, I made some oatmeal cookies.

I was going for flatter cookies, but I was making up the recipe, and got these.  Still taste good, so it’s ok!

They’re oatmeal cookies, with whole wheat flour, agave instead of sugar, and peanut butter, peanut butter chips, and chocolate chips.

I’m pretty sure the whole grains cancel out all of the peanut butter and chocolate.

To keep myself from just eating the cookies, I had some salad and yummy soup for lunch

I had a little bit of toasted homemade bread to dip into the soup too!

The soup was squash, sweet potato, and carrot.  Mmmm.

Although now that it’s a few hours past lunch, it may be time for some more quality control on the cookies.  Gotta make sure they’re good!

11 responses to “Resolve

  1. One year for Lent my brother said he was giving up SALT. Salt? He was like 7 years old at the time, too. WTF? Just reminded me of your ‘resolutions.’ 🙂

  2. I need to try making homemade bread. I bet your house smells amazing while you are baking it.

    peanut butter chips + oatmeal cookies sounds delish. I have never tried baking with agave before. I might have to check it out. I would love some cookies right about now.

  3. That’s a great resolve

  4. I love the idea of baking every week!! It’s great stress relief, you get something delicious, and the house will smell great- complete win! Can’t wait to see wehat you come up with 🙂

    I just got a bread maker for Christmas, and I can’t wait to use it! (It’s packed up until we move next month, blah).

  5. YOU WIN. Your resolution is completely delicious and will spoil the fiance. I must not let my bf read your blog…

  6. That is awesome that you are baking more. I think the oatmeal cookies look amazing. Chocolate and peanut butter are soooooo good.

    I may need to dust off my bread maker. I see gluten free bread in my future.

  7. yums I wish I had fresh Oatmeal cookies but instead I have the the Keebler ones lol

  8. i LOVE cooking too, it is total relaxation for me! I am so glad you have found something that you love and plan to do more of in teh new year. Those cookies look great! oatmeal cookies are maybe my favorite kind!!

  9. Your cookies sound delicious. Do you have the recipe? I’d love to try them. I can totally get behind the good grains cancel out the chips. Hehe. I like that you have been baking. It is such a nice distraction from life. Oh, and at the end there are COOKIES!

  10. Interesting; one of my goals is to /stop/ baking so darned much! I only have one mouth to feed (mine) so there’s only one destination for all those brownies….

    Anywho, I think oatmeal cookies are better when they’re solid and puffy than when they’re flat. The flat ones are usually crispy, and crispy gets stuck in my teeth, and I hate thing stuck in my teeth.

  11. You are going to take vitamins – I love it 🙂

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