Not Easy Bein’ Green

So, yesterday, apparently I had a major spinach theme to my day.

Like, major to the point where I am possibly Popeye in disguise.


Giant pot of tea, green monstahhh (Spinach, yogurt, ‘nana, strawberries, flax, milk)

And then lunch

Some of the bread from the other day with roasted garlic and cheese, another pot of tea, and pretty much the best easy salad ever

Spinach, walnuts, olives, balsamic, olive oil, salt, pepper.  Sooo good.

And then for dinner?

More spinach.

Hugh Jass with any and everything in the kitchen… Spinach, romaine, carrots, avocado, black beans, apple, pickled asparagus, sour cream, salsa, and probably other things i’m forgetting.  The entire time I was eating it I kept thinking how the combo was kinda gross.  But clearly, that didn’t stop me

Dessert was the outlier of the day.

Which really was probably a good thing.

I really wanted ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate on top.  But we only had ice cream sandwiches.

Ice cream sandwich sundae.  It did the trick.

You ever have days where you’re all about one food?


13 responses to “Not Easy Bein’ Green

  1. Clearly you’ve been hanging out with me too much.

  2. shall we call you Popeye from now on?

    ooh i saw a bowl exactly like that at Ross. I wanted it so bad.

  3. Yep. Usually almond butter and dates;)

  4. The past few days it’s been all about the tangerines. I have one after practically every meal, plus when the nighttime munchies hit. I expect to keel over from vitamin C overdose any minute now. On the bright side, spinach and tangerine obsessions are much better than chocolate ones.

  5. I am surprised there was no Spinach in your sunday!

    Yes- I can eat chickpeas for days and then my body starts to hate me…

  6. I love that salad bowl. That sundae looks yummy. Great way to get the ice cream you wanted.

  7. oh all the time! I can eat cheese or potatoes all day long. At least you were all about a healthy food! I need to incorporate more spinach into my life. I love it but find it too leafy (is that a word?) for salads. I have to mix it with romaine for some crunch. But I absolutely love steamed spinach!

  8. Love that ice cream sandwich sundae…omg.

  9. Yums both those salads look great!

    I love this post but hate the title…my boss is always singing “it aint easy being green” lol

  10. I’ve done a ton of spinach before! It’s easy to do, especially when you can blend it anything from smoothies to pancakes 🙂 I love olives in salads-delish!

  11. I can eat kabocha all day. And I can eat 5 bowls of oatmeals a day. Actually, I DO eat 5 bowls of oatmeal sometimes. But that’s for snack and dinner.

  12. all about one food=CHOCOLATE. ’nuff said. WORD.

  13. Popeye in disguise!! Hehe, I am picturing it right now 🙂

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