Makin’ it for a MAN

Every now and then, I like to be a good (future) wifey, and make the fiance a proper, honey-you’re-makin-it-for-a-MAN style dinner.  (I’m not the only one!)

Last night was one of those nights.

We had BBQ pulled pork

(On homemade buns!  This was my first time doing that, and I gotta say, they were pretty good)

Plus corn and oven fries

And beer

(The fiance’s is actually a microbrew from surreal america-we went to a second brewery, Ice Harbor, where I failed to take any pictures, over break, and he LOVED their red.  Said it was Portland quality beer-ie, not “well it’s better than bud at least”, but “i would spend money on this at the beer store back home”)

And, um, spinach salad with balsamic on the side?

That’s probably not so manly, huh?

Oh well.

When we went to the store to get potatoes last night we found a NUT BUTTER TASTING at the store.  Not kidding.  Yayyyy co-op grocery store!  I’d been explaining to the fiance how he would love sunflower seed butter, and then next to the checkout, there were 10 types of nut and seed butters to try-including sunflower!  So we had to get some

It’s taking most of my willpower not to eat it all while the fiance is at work.

Thankfully I also have this to distract me

A teapot!  From the Christmas clearance at Target.  Cause solid white teapots just SCREAM christmas, right?  And the fiance’s mug, cause it was in the cabinet.

What’s your favorite non-peanut butter?


8 responses to “Makin’ it for a MAN

  1. hmmm favorite non-peasnut butter? does margarine count? cuz i would for sure go with gold-n-soft margarine. otherwise tillamook butter is pretty tasty.

  2. This question was made for me. I would have to go with walnut butter, but they all have their place. Naturally Nutty makes one that’s equal parts pepita, sunflower seeds, and flax, and that’s remarkable. Hazelnut butter is also very good.

  3. um…peanut butter, lol.

  4. Nice buns!

    (Sorry – I couldn’t resist)

    I made a pot roast – that was my last manly meal. Which hood are you guys in? That nut butter tasting sounded outrageous!

  5. God I love when Target puts stuff on clearance because it was “holiday” related. I always manage to find non christmasy things. Score for us!

    I love almond butter. I haven’t tried sunflower or cashew butter but I have been wanting too!

  6. Almond butter, hands down. Although BB is right, Gold N’ Soft is pretty tasty. Wait, it might even be vegan!!!

  7. I like almond butter … that is one of the only “non – peanut butters” I have tried.

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