Besties and Worsties

Happy (almost!) New Year!

Rather than recap my whole year, I thought I  would show you some of the best and worst from 2009 that I did BEFORE I had this blog.

Worst NYE beverage choice:

Rang in 2009 with Sparks.

Holy poor choices batman-at the time I was having almost no caffeine, and those stupid things are FULL of it.  Lessons learned.

I still maintain they were a great breakfast choice in college.

That night also saw my camera breaking.  Whoops.

Best Intro to a new school:  student taught from January through April in the projects.  At the first staff meeting heard a lecture on “for those of you on the ground floor, blinds need to be kept closed so that if someone outside is shooting they don’t have a visual target”.  Awesome.

Worst motherly advice:   a 10 year old at my school in the projects asked “do you live with yo man miss?” and when I said no responded “my mama taught me if you with a man you gotta LIVE with that man so you know he aint cheatin’ on ya”

Best reason to not let your boyfriend take pictures of your vacation:

This is the only picture I have of Valentine’s Day in Hood River.  We stayed at a B&B on a vineyard, went to breweries, tasted wine, woke up to snow…

And all I have to show is me in front of a panda.

Best hair day EVER

Graduation.  Seriously, my hair will never look like this

again, no matter what I do.

Worst hair day?

Why did we take all the “yay we’re engaged!” pictures right after I took a shower?  Poor choice, poor choice.

Best engagement gift:

That is a cake with our faces on it.  And not just any picture either, it’s this picture

Which is both ridiculous and a god-awful picture of both of us.

(From our old roommate.  She’s going to get the best maid of honor award in 2010!)

Best wrapping job

Clearly goes to the fiance (who was, at that point, just the boyfriend)

Best gift from Baby Brother:

Did you know two people can fit into a snuggie?  Life lessons kids, life lessons.

Worst Idea:

Leaving my purse with the fiance at graduation.

Best Moment of Baby Brother’s life

Worst Catholic

Baby brother, eating meat on Friday, in front of our church

Best Moment of the fiance’s life

Not buying a house, not getting engaged, no, it was this

Visiting Liverpool stadium this summer, with his mama and sister.

What were some best and worsts in your year?


14 responses to “Besties and Worsties

  1. Lol, love it. I will forever remember the 2 weeks I ate a ridiculous amount of beets not knowing their side effect as one of the worst periods of the year

  2. Some honest to goodness worsts or the fun ones? ‘Cause I don’t really like talking about the real worsts. Like surgery. And surgery bills. And even /more/ surgery bills.

    But fun worsts are, well, fun–like the time I gave the cat a fresh catnip toy right before changing the sheets on the bed and leaving the mattress exposed (thankfully no shredding, but there was dried cat-crack /everywhere/). And the time I gave my sweetie TWO old Resident Evils and he stayed glued to the television screen for a week (oh, wait, that was on Christmas. He’s still playing them right now).

  3. Oh yeah. I love that engagement cake. And that worst Catholic pose is a hoot!


    best use of money: over $600 from my debit card at starbucks. i checked.

  5. oh my gosh the picture of your brother eating meat on friday cracks me up!! waaay too funny!

    happy 2010 🙂

  6. The engagement cake: I have no words. Yes, best maid of honor ever – I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for the bachelorette party!

  7. Those are I have ever. seen.

  8. Loved all the pictures! Your cake is magical! I vote for a life size replica for your wedding cake!

  9. Love this post! I made my sister watch you vlogs ayer…she was cracking up

  10. So fun, thanks for sharing!

  11. Those are some awesome pics! hahaha Looks like it’s been a great year–I hope this one is even better!

  12. HAHAHAH that pic of you in front of the panda. HILARIOUS. ahahahahaha. BTW I drank sparks religiously during college…it taste like crap but OH SO GOOD.

  13. I totally knew that two people could fit in a snuggie. Tried that out on Christmas. But then I got selfish and was all ‘It’s mine! Get out’ and kicked my cousin out.

  14. I love your besties and worsties!!

    Happy New Year!!!

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