To all of you who asked, yes, we’re going to make that wine cork thang into a bulletin board.  Although I’m kinda not wanting to cover it up with papers-I like it too much!  We still have more corks too (not kidding!  there’s a lot of wine in our lives I guess) so I think we’re going to do trivets next.

As I told y’all yesterday, we got an awesome snowstorm here in Portland. I was loving it.  I settled in with some quality reading, tea, and yogurt in front of the fire

Oh!  I almost forgot-I made granola yesterday.  And didn’t manage to take a picture of the final product (whoops!) but check out my pretty new bowl and measuring cup!

I now have matching (bright, multi color) measuring bowls, cups, and spoons.  Pretty fab.

So playdate with Mama Pea, pretty snow, homemade granola to stuff my face with… Pretty great day.  The only problem?

My fiance works in Salem.  Google maps tells me it takes 51 minutes to go from his office to our house.  Normally, he takes a van pool, and I pick him up.

Yesterday, he left work at 4.  And got home at 9:30.

Turns out snow isn’t so awesome when you have a commute.

When the poor man finally got home (bus to Willsonville, train to Beaverton, car ride from there thanks to a stranger, walking the last few blocks) he was FREEZING.  I did my best to warm him up

Hot cocoa.  (Yes, massive amount of splenda.  Someone gave it to me.  Waste not want not.  And possibly get cancer someday.)

Homemade bread

And some turkey soup

(Made from the stock I cooked on the Little House on the Prairie stove! )

Since most of his office had similar commutes last night, they worked from home today. That meant we could hang out over breakfast

(yogurt, half a banana, and homemade granola)

It’s a lot nicer than our normal morning routine of me microwaving him some oatmeal to eat in the car.

Then we worked from home Target

(BTW it costs 1.25 for a fountain drink, or 1.50 for a drink AND popcorn.)

Christmas clearance for 75% off?  Heck yes.  But they didn’t have ANY sourpatch candy canes.  I cried.

And tomorrow is New Years Eve!  Weirrrd.  What’re you doing for New Years?  We’re going to see Pink Martini downtown.


14 responses to “Snowpocalypse

  1. its too cold in our town to go anywhere. we’re probably gonna stay home and be in bed by 9. i know…old fogies

  2. Did you find any Nutcrackers at Target? Gigi has a birthday in May. 🙂

  3. oooooooh pink martini is fun! have you seen them before??

    we are actually going to the coast… lord help us if we get storm-ageddon phase 2, we’ll never make it home!!

  4. That sounds like such a terrible commute, glad you got to spend today with him and Tar-jay is the best!

    I am going to a house party for NYE with a potluck and I hope the food is good!

  5. things im NOT doing for new years: going to portland. you and your stupid snow.

  6. ps: target clearance: cocktail shakers for $2.49! …guess what i bought! oops

  7. hmm…homemade granola…interesting…VERYYYY interesting. BTW I would hate to live where it snowed alot cause I would consume tons of hot chocolate..cause by law you have to drink it if snowed it. HOLLA AT TARGET BUYS. Have a great NYE.

  8. Ugh that commute is awful with snow! My hubby is the same way – about an hour from our house, but with snow – HOURS.

  9. that’s a ridiculous commute! I remember 3 hours of driving home from Boston during major Nor’easters

  10. I’m going to my boss’s party. Hopefully I’ll make it through the wine and food without making a huge fool of myself. It’ll be my belated Christmas, New Year’s, Early Birthday wish. Yes. All three. Because the chances of it happening with one wish are really kinda small. Hope you have a wonderful evening.

  11. Wow it took him that long to get home from work? that is horrible!

    I hope you have a fun New Year’s Eve…feel free to do a video vlog tonight hahaha

  12. love post christmas sales at target!! they are the best 🙂
    mm that homemade bread looks great!

  13. I couldn’t find any sour patch candy canes either, what gives?

  14. Your turkey soup looks fantastic!!

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