I was going to call writing about Christmas good, till i realized I had this picture

The fiance and Baby Brother.  Separated at birth?

Let’s hope not, for my sake.

So I’m going to show you some last random pictures of my holiday.  What up random post!

I got a new toy for Christmas-an immersion blender!

(From my future sis in law.  Who also got me a huge baking with whole grains cookbook and some Bob’s Red Mill shiz.  The woman gives good gifts!)

I used it on some leftovers

That’d be broccoli, peas, and mashed sweet potatoes and rutabagas!  Mmmm giant plate of veggies.   I see a lot of blended things in my future.

Of course, my eating wasn’t all veggies.  There were also things like this

Cannoli from Costco!  What doesn’t Costco have, seriously?

Oh, and on awesome presents, check out what I got the fiance.

That’d be a beer fridge.  With the Oklahoma logo on it.  He’s already got it fully stocked.

He also made it his profile picture on facebook, so I’m engaged to a fridge.  Sweet.

We finally finished our longstanding craft project too

Don’t worry, I didn’t drink all of it.  My parents helped.  A lot.

Oh, and look how I made turkey stock

Little House on the Prairie yo.

That thing is, no joke, in my parents kitchen.  And it’s real.  How awesome is that?

Dose your fam have anything awesomely random in their house?

(Baby Brother, I can’t wait to see your answer on this…)


23 responses to “Gifted

  1. That wine cork thing is amazing!!

  2. OMG i havent had a cannoli in forever. so jealous right now!

  3. Love the wine cork project. Is it a cork board?? LOVE IT!!

  4. I’m totally digging the cork-board! Sweet!

  5. Awesomely random? Not really…each individual piece is quite normal. However, when compared to the whole, /everything/ is random. Absolutely nothing matches. They’ve got statues of cranes, statues of dolphins, Chinese fans, African masks, British plates, 1000+ books (no exaggeration) plus anything and everything that has passed through the doors of the local Salvation Army at one point or another. Unfortunately, there are no nifty antique appliances.

  6. wow, is that cork table gonna be a coffee table or just something to hang on the wall? pretty impressive.

  7. Your fiance is a Sooners fan? I don’t know if I can deal with that. Or those jammies, but that’s another story. 🙂
    Love the corks! My parents have saved their corks for years – needless to say, the collection is quite huge.

  8. Holy awesome frontier stove, batman!

    And jesus those pants are ridic…cute but totally ridic!

  9. Ooo, we just got an immersion blender too! I’m excited.

    I wish my parents had something awesomely random in their house. I guess they have my brother…he’s pretty random.

  10. I’m not sure if you saw it when you were here, but we have a giant Tiki idol in our bedroom. I mean bigger than Gigi. I make Pea Daddy hide it in the corner, because I think it is hideous. I’m really surprised it’s not his Facebook profile photo.

  11. We have a Huge picture of fish signed by the painter in our living room even though none of us like art or fish. My dad won it and we had no clue what to do.
    The picture of the bro’s in law with matching pj’s–priceless

  12. tell your FIANCE i’m a ut fan. let the blood wars begin.

  13. Haha – great post! I just did one about ‘Randomness’ as well. Sometimes, their the best ones 🙂
    Love your gift to your Hubby – any man’s dream perhaps ?!
    I’ll have to check back in on your Blog – interesting! Add me to your Roll if you care to read -love new interesting readers and advice 🙂 cheers!

  14. Haha, whoa crazy ancient stove! Double whoa at the craft project!

    I love immersion blenders. So very useful and fun to play with 🙂

    Hehe, the fiance and baby bro are adorable!

  15. I love that stove!

    There’s a lot of random wrestling going on at our house. I even play the ref sometimes. But I mostly can’t stand all the male rough-housing. Aargh!

  16. Awh, I use to love Little House of the Prairie! Good times and it totally reminds me of that.

  17. OMG. That project with the wine corks? Sweetest thing ever! you are just getting more and more fabulous!

  18. My neighbors had that same exact stove! I loved the fresh bread that came out of it!!

    I love that cork board!

  19. livelaughloveandrun

    That is a sweet stove!! We don’t really have anything random at all. If I had to pick something though, it would be the one red wall in the family room. What are you going to use those corks for? That’s so neat.. how many different wines did you taste to make that??

  20. Pingback: Snowpocalypse « I'm an Eating Machine!

  21. randomly awesome in our house? ME!

    you took the good one. ummm…. A BAR INSTEAD OF A LIVING ROOM! i like that.

  22. I love the wine corkboard. That’s a good idea!

    I got an immersion blender for Christmas too. I CANNOT wait to use it!!!

  23. I love the cork art!!!!

    That stove is amazing too 🙂

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