Frozen Peas

Last night, I got back to Portland, and celebrated in true oregonian style by hitting up the co-op for some lentils and organic local milk and yogurt.  My tummy had enough of christmas cookies, and wanted something healthy.

(yogurt, granola, berries, flax, jam)

then we went out for microbrews and pub food.

(But they were organic microbrews, so they were healthy. Right?)

My tummy full of hop juice and brewery food, I was thinking about how fantastic some veggies would be, when darling Mama Pea texted asking if I was up for Sweet Tomatoes the next day.

Hugh Jass salad with my fav mama and her girls?  Heck yes.

This morning she added in Inflatable Kingdom to our playdate agenda.

This clearly was a day that would be the best playdate ever if you’re (a) 4 or (b) me.

I arrived to see a bouncing Gigi, and an oh so happy Lulu

Like I said, it’s awesome if you’re 4.  Apparently not so much if you’re two.

(Sidenote:  You can rent out the inflatable kingdom.  It’s next to a McMenamins.  And right by Sweet Tomatoes.  Andrea, we’re thinking this could be the greatest blogger meet up in history)

Sweet tomatoes meant a Hugh Jass for me

And going to town on cottage cheese and lemonade for Lulu

After stops through Pottery Barn Kids and Williams Sonoma (Seriously, see how this is the greatest play date ever?) Mama Pea was dropping me out of my car when we found snow!

The only thing better than finding snow is watching two adorable children dance around in it

And try to catch snowflakes on their tongues

(Sidenote:  how much do you love Gigi’s outfit?  I want one in my size)

I bid the Peas goodbye, and drove home.  In the 15 minute drive I watched the roads starting to turn white.

I came home to my yard looking like this

Which in a few hours became this

Which is now even deeper!  Bet you a dollar the fiance gets a snow day tomorrow!


15 responses to “Frozen Peas

  1. Okay, we need to start planning now! I will handle the mcmenamins part 🙂
    Looks like a fun play date. Tell Josh I’m sorry about his crappy commute today. Hopefully he will get that snow day – he deserves it!

  2. Wow! The snow looks so pretty but I hate being in it! Love your play date! I get along better with small humans better than the adult kind!

  3. So adorable! I wish we were getting some snow…

  4. Mmm…salad and FLAX…roughage after the holidays=a must. you should dress up as gigi for halloween.

  5. Meet-ups are fun.

    Ya know what’s not fun? Cottage cheese.



  6. Hope you guys got the snow day! Mama Pea and her girls are always great fun to read

  7. i hope you’re having a fun snow day! That play date looks like the best ever.

  8. Aww they are so cute!

    So I was watching “Because I Said So” and everytime Mandy Moore was on the screen, I thought of you lol

  9. Gigi’s outfit is adorable. I love it. I want one. Sounds like you had a great day. I’m in desperate need of a playdate.

  10. i feel you on the needing healthy greens after all those cookies. i compromised with VEGGIE pizza and stacy’s pita chips with RED PEPPER hummus. it’s all about the balance, right?!?!

  11. How mean of a mom do I look like taking my terrified child’s picture? Gigi just asked me if Inflatable Kingdom was open today.

  12. My oldest one would be so jealous of the snow! It sounds like you guys had a great time! Too much fun!

  13. nothing beats a playdate with the peas!!!

    welcome back to portland, and the sh*t show i’m calling “storm-a-geddon”

    seriously with the drivers around here!?!??!

  14. Those little girls are precious!!!!

    Sorry for the late comment – I am catching up on blog reading!!

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