Christmas-y stuff

Ahh I haven’t blogged in forever!  Internet at the parents was slow, and I’m not patient.  So it just didn’t happen.

But wow, did you see the vlog by me and baby brother?

There’s a chance I don’t remember making some of that.

Besides drinking heavily, I did lots over Christmas.

I taught monster baby to give looks

See that “really?  really?  you’re at the door?” look?  It’s cause here’s a macbook and makeup brushes in auntie’s room, and she wants you to leave so she can play with them.

Baby brother

and I

made a gingerbread house

Everyone kept acting shocked that our house didn’t belong in suck town.  It made us sad.

Baby brother made the snowman

Baby brother decorates cakes.  That people pay for.

It shows.

If you look in the left corner on this picture?

That’s pasta.

We’re not perfect.

Does your family do gingerbread houses?

We used to do them all together, but this year everyone was scared to ruin the artistic vision of me and baby brother.

Or they were scared we’d throw powdered sugar on them.  Same thing.


9 responses to “Christmas-y stuff

  1. That cake is awesome! I brought some sugar cookies in a bag to work today. I can’t stop myself.

  2. That house definitely does NOT belong in suck town! I’m not surprised though.

    I’ve only made gingerbread houses in elementary school out of milk cartons and graham crackers…that might need to change next year!

  3. That’s some fine decorating. I’ve never made a gingerbread house…I thought about it this year but I was too lazy. Maybe I’ll make a St. Patrick’s Day house instead.

  4. I like your house. I would live in it if I could!

    I think I made a house at school some year, otherwise my mom didn’t find it a good idea to let me play with sugar and sticky stuff. I was born clutzy.

  5. LOL I love the pics…

    I never made a gingerbread house but always wanted to give it a shot…I am sure it wont be as fabulous as yours lol

  6. We ate granola the whole way home. Gigi called it Chex mix. I called it, “Yummy!”

  7. So pretty–and yummy looking. I only made a gingerbread house once at my persnickety housewife neighbor’s when I was little. She wouldn’t let us touch anything because we would have made it less than perfect. So we just ate the candy. And I haven’t tried since….

  8. That look is classic!! You and your family are too cute!

  9. My hubby and I made a gingerbread house with our little nephew – it was fun!

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