Proud of the Cloud*

So, I’ve mentioned it from time to time, but my hometown has a long history with radiation.   The area was built up in the 40s as part of the Manhattan project, and the plutonium used in Fat Man (one of the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan by the US) was produced here.

There are relics from our heritage around town, and today I showed the fiance one of our nuclear themed things.

Atomic Ale!

It’s a small brewery, and it’s in a building that was, back when my daddy moved here in 1970 an A&W drive in.  (They still serve A&W in the real glasses in tribute to that)

The beers are named to reflect the whole “atomic” thang

We got a Hef and an Amber

Not going to pretend this was like earthshatteringly good or anything, but you know, it’s a lot better than bud light. And in a small town, that tends to be what you get…

For our food we started with a salad

With BACON vinaigrette.  Yum

And we shared two slices of pizza (chicken, red bell peppers, and tomato) plus a chicken pesto sandwich


And, best idea ever, you can get a small B-Reactor Brownie with ice cream and a chocolate sauce made with Plutonium Porter.  FOR A DOLLAR

Baked goods.  Ice cream.  Chocolate.  Beer.  Fattening food for a dollar.  All of my favorite things.

The only thing that would’ve been a better ending to a meal would be two of these.

Hope you’re having a great week!

*that is, no joke, the slogan of one of our high schools.  Things I cannot make up.


12 responses to “Proud of the Cloud*

  1. Proud of the Cloud?! That’s fantastic. And any food for a buck is fantastic… that dessert looks so, so good.

  2. Bacon vinegarette?? Count me in.

  3. um, the most amazing school slogan ever. that’s awesome.

  4. well maybe surreal america isnt so bad.

  5. brownie+icecream=as classic as dolly parton. OMG. I can’t believe your town is so proud of the radiation!

  6. Wow. I thought Puma Pride was bad. At least it wasn’t glorifying mass execution…although there were some incidents with the said mountain lions and early morning joggers.

  7. That pizza looks really good – I love slices of tomato on a pizza.

  8. I must visit surreal america ha

  9. Yes to the dessert. Nothing better that I can think of! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!

  10. bacon viniagrette? How do you make that? Can you ask for the recipe? OMG.

  11. Mmmmm, Bacon Vinaigrette? How can it be any better? I love the slogan for the school. It’s cute, in a scary atomic kind of way.

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